Back running a month and !!

Well I've been back to running a whole month now :)

At the same time I started running I stopped going to the pub so much as well, so instead of 3-4 nights a week I now only go out on Saturday nights.

This morning I timed myself over 10k for the first time since I did the Swansea Bay 10k last Sept.

I didn't push it I just ran at a nice steady pace that I felt comfortable with and when I looked at my watch I've never been so chuffed in my life.

Last September I did it in 1h 4min after 1 month back running I can't believe I've just run 10k in 50 minutes flat and it was boiling hot and windy to.

But the best bit is I then came home and weighed myself and I've lost almost a STONE!!!

I know its still 50 minutes but I don't care I ran it in 50 minutes comfortably when last time it took me over an hour and I thought I was going to die.

I'm just chuffed to bits!! sorry to go on but as you can tell I'm so so CHUFFED!!!



  • Well done!

    I did my last 10k in 1:04 too so hopefully I may be able to knock a bit off that and lose a stone in the process too!
  • hi ive been running since last year april, 3 to 5 miles three times a week, but latley i have problems with my breathing.the docotor said i have no problems but the first mile or so i find it very hard to breath, can anyone help?
  • is the problem only over the first mile or so mano? Lots of people find the first 1-2 miles hard going.

    If you don't think it's that, could there be some pollen/grass/plant that you are running past in the first mile of your route?
  • Jones good for you.
    The heart and lungs don't respond immediately to the demands of the legs. So that it is easy to find you have used up the oxygen you had, before the system is really up to speed with what you need. this is one of the good reasons to do a brisk walk (of 5 mins or so) to rev the engine before you start to jog.
  • hi, thanks to everyone for your adviece, i try taking heyfever tbl., to see if itd the pollen and do a brisk walk for the first mile, i let you know how i get on mano
  • Jones you going to do the 5k tomorrow?

    load of us down there.
  • Well done Jones! You sound really positive - I've signed up for my first 10k on 1st October, and I hope to loose some weight during the training process - I think the booze makes a huge difference!

    Mano - re: the breathing, if you're asthmatic (I am), having a couple of puffs of ventoling before you run makes the world of difference.
  • Thanks everyone, I am really positive at the moment touch wood I've got over my early niggly injuries and I'm feeling really good and much stronger on my runs.

    When I first started back to running I had a nice run that started on quiet pavements and ended at the park where I did laps of the playing fields.

    I did the same run last night for the first time since,last time I struggled around in 45 minutes, I felt so much better last night and really enjoyed it but had finished it in 27 minutes, so I carried on doing laps until I'd done 40 minutes.

    But the best bit is that this morning I could have gone out for a run if I'd wanted as I had no aches or pains at all and thats what I'm happiest about.

    I'm feeling so good at the moment I might even be brave enough to phone Swansea Harriers about joining them.

  • Steve
    They don't bite! Come on over to the Swansea 5k thread that is about.

    Well done keep going.
  • Well I had a look on the 5k thread ( cheers Tri Taffia ) and it inspired me to go out and see what I could do this morning as the dogs had woken me up at 5 am anyway.

    I did the 5k course but in reverse from Mumbles to Blackpill and back and did it in just under 23 minutes, which I'm chuffed to bits with, so I'm definately going to do the next one.

    Its so nice at the moment as I can really see big improvements in my running and can really feel the difference losing a bit of weight has made.

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