Deca Ironman France 2006


Yesterday one of Chester Tri started out on a mission to become the 2nd member to complete this massive race. Tony Fisher who was named in 220 this month along with certain other Ultra Athletes started swimming the 1520 lengths of a pool at 9am yesterday. Below is a link to his BLOG site and a link to the website with a webcam.

I will also be giving regular updates as and when we get any notification from his sherpa, Brian.



  • Well it's Thursday morning and we fly-out to France later this afternoon for the Big One.

    The Deca is based in a town called Vidauban some 50 km outside Nice. It all seems very well organised: I've been getting emails, letters and phonecalls from the organisers every other day.

    Last night I had the strange experience of closing the e-training log on my website that I have been diligently filling-in every day for the last 7-and-a-half months.

    Tony's BLOG site

    Closing totals are:

    Swim: 356 km

    Bike: 8140 miles

    Run: 1278 miles

    Quality: zero

    Rest: zero

    I couldn't have realistically done much more whilst keeping down a busy full-time job (and staying part of my family!).

    The whole of the Deca will be apparently be on 24-7 (or rather 24-14!!) web-cam coverage. For those of you who think that watching paint drying is a spectator sport, you could have a look around the website at:

    ' target='_blank' rel="nofollow">Deca Webcam

    As I sit here trying to type with shaking fingers (ie: fingers that seem to shake from my neck down), I just can't think how on earth I am going to be able to swim 24 miles before we get down to the real race!

    The mainstay of my crew is my chum Brian. There is an Internet press room at race HQ. I hope he will be able (via my user name on the eGroup) to send out the occasional Deca up-date.

    With very best wishes to all my special friends at Chester Tri, Tony Fisher
  • lets try the site/webcam link again

    Race site and webcam

  • haha, the pools empty, they must have finished !!!
  • tangentially, the way my job hunting is currently leaning, i'll most likely be moving to Wilmslow soon. will chester tri be my local club??
  • If you move to Wilmslow - (I was there on Saturday) there are some lovely apartments just over the road from the big tri shop there. I'd live there and have my salary paid direct to the bike shop.

    Chesters probably 20 miles from Wilmslow I'd guess ?

  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    Isn't it cool that one of the marshalls is called Iro Hermann?

    Totally and utterly mental.
  • Thank Dog...

    Didn't notice the year and thought this was to be a pirate trip....

  • there is Manc tri and Chester Tri in the area, also Warrington has 2 clubs. I would still travel to Chester but its a good 20-30 mins as Cougs says down the M56.
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    I hope someone's missed a decimal point:

    Running: Course of 788km, 533 laps

  • Mental

    totally totally mental.

  • How about this for the Pirate outing for 2007?


    Thought not!
  • results are up on the event website to 20.15 tonight.

    tony fisher out of the water in 20.49 and safely on the bike.
  • Just seen this, go crazy Tony....

  • thanks M, the man is certifiable and just to remind myself I had to watch Norseman again tonight. Got Smiffy smiling all the way up Imingfjell and Tony out of the saddle for about every piece of footage they had on him.
  • I really wish you wouldn't post this kind of thing Nick, it just gets me hankering.
  • Tuck it in your knicker-leg, Mon.
  • 2008 remember, you have to wait 18 months, get training now !!
  • How achievable do you reckon an event like this would be for an actual mortal?

    I mean we've got 60 or so pirates aiming to do IMDE in a few weeks, about half of whom have never done an IM before and have trained from fit, but not exceptional, bases over the last 6-9 months.

    Do you reckon that given 18 months, and without having to give up a full time job, then someone who's capable of doing an IM, but has never done anything further than that, would actually be able to complete something like this?

    Please note, I am in no way suggesting I am EVER going to do a deca, just idle curiosity
  • Just have a read of Tony's website. He is a normal guy (well exceptional really) and holds down a VERY important role in Liverpool Uni I think it is, works stoopid hours a week and stil finds time to do this.

    Its the mindset really, you have to be prepared to go long and slow for a long time. Rob Holmes who did this 2 years ago didn't really change his IM training that much but added a few longer sessions including 4hrs bike am and then 4hours bike pm.

    Tony has been doing 10km swims and 250 work miles on the bike a week for weeks now but will then do 2 x 20 mile runs on 2 consecutive days.

    Its achievable but you need base and lots of it and a think a slightly warped sense of reality as this will change your life.

    Bob Brown wrote a book on his exploits which when I read it really covered his rise from very fast IM to wanting to find something else. He also trained hard and partyed hard in the early years but the real test was the Deca. It also took him 2 years to recover from the tablets he had to take to get round, Rob has also been out of mainstream tri for about the same time, it is a huge price to pay but for some the lure of the competition is there.
  • oh and

    @8:57 this am. 338910m completed & 66 laps done.
  • My mate Bob Brown, I ran with him the other week he even offered to lend me some of his sudocrem ¦oD
  • 3 words to sum up the tony fisher i very briefly met last year.....

  • There's another update at 3.47. Tony had done 87 laps at that point.

    Also one of the women Astrid Benohr appears to have dropped out - or at least isn't on the results.

    Some photos starting to go up on the website too.
  • go Tony go
  • I wonder if they are getting dizzy yet?
  • Oh wow, it's a four Norseman page
    bring on the Alpaca lips
  • its the Tony Fisher appreciation society more like.
  • ok, 3rd party update by one of the Chester guys who supported Rob Holmes on his epic Deca 2 years ago.

    ...just been thro' all the photos on the Deca web site, is Tony the invisible man?...or is it a plot by those nasty Frenchies to omit the Brits from the worlds view??

    Spoke to Heather, Tony's Jeanne D'Arc of a wife, she is flying out to France for a few days to support him. apparently during the swim he was sick a few times, memories of Hawaii eh Rob?...caught the sun on his neck and a dehydration problem too. He finished his 20hours swim about 5am Sunday. Once on the bike, he punctured on the 2nd lap!

    The race organisation seems to be somewhat lacking in food supply, comfortable bedding etc and Tony's crew Brian is struggling to get the vegetarian choices that Tony needs. Heather is, as I write, preparing some grub to take out to him. On top of all this the temperature seems to be in the 30's and there looks to be a hill on the 5k bike circuit!!
  • Mental - totally mental.
  • Just found this thread after having a few days off. Totally nuts.

    <<Removes ginger wig, baggy trousers, comedy hooter and oversized "I'm bonkers, me!" badge and hands them to Tony>>

    Although, I must say Nick, I am a touch disappointed in you. I thought it was YOU that was going to be doing it!

    I'll give 50p to the charity of your choice if you do!!
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