Deca Ironman France 2006



  • 2008, too busy racing IM's at the moment. Cos I also know that when TF finishes, all I am gonna hear for 2 years is, 'if I can do it, you can do it !!'
  • "all I am gonna hear for 2 years is, 'if I can do it, you can do it !!'"

    Er....., you mean like you've been doing to everyone on this site to make them sign up to an IM? ;o)

    Annoyingly, you probably could do it!

    2008 it is then - I'll hold you to that. That's also the first chance I'm now going to get to do my IM. The mrs just dropped sprog #2 so that's the end of my big training for a while :o(

    Is the Deva tri full now, do you know?
  • Ooops - that came out wrong.

    End of training = :o(
    Little 'un #2 = :o)
  • This is incredible. Over the next two weeks, if anyone is wondering whether they can be bothered to go out and train, just remember these guys have been at it since Saturday.
  • no its not full, you can enter at I think
  • How often would they be stopping to rest?
  • Does anyone know the answer to Gumps' question? I've often wondered that. Do the pro's just aim to stop for an hour every so often and get a massage or what? They can't go non-stop. Do they have sleeping bags or anything?
  • every night i would have thought. i don't think there are many 'pros' though, i'm sure there isn't a good living to be made out of doing one of these every year

    even that bob brown bloke has to sink to pretend to eat ginsters pasties in order to pay for his trip... but without ever really putting one close to his mouth though, due to his severe gluten allergy
  • Isn't the record something like 8hrs? That's a pro to me.

    The mention of gluten made me think. Doing a Deca is the perfect excuse to spend a fortnight eating pizza! Ok, so that's gluton, but still. I could manage that. I'd just tell the pizza delivery man my eta for crossing the start line, and have a dinner tray on the aero-bars and enjoy munching my way around lap after lap. I might try this!
  • Errr, make that 8 days, not hours.
  • why no sleep?

    i've been thinking about how you'd do this, and it's 12 hour days

    swim - 1.5 days. even i could do this in 16 hours without breaks. start at 9, finish 9, get a good night's sleep. then another 8 hours. giving a massive margin for breaks.

    bike - 8 days. pootle round at 16 mph, that gives 10 hours for 160 miles. take 12 including stops. 2 hours to eat 2 meals, then a good night's sleep.

    9.5 days total elapsed

    jog/walk - 65 miles a day, that's again 12 hour stints, 4 days

    total elapsed 13.5 days

    OK you won't win it, but there's lots of room for flexing there.
  • well not no sleep, but why max 1 hour at a time, i meant. my way would give you 10 hours a night.
  • Maybe that the rules, they do have some odd ones.
  • oh, because he wanted to do it really fast!! as you were....
  • smiffy-i read that website the night after you wimped out of the GUC, its very funny. I particularly like the idea of turning up for work after no sleep for 60 hours....
  • yeah but he is only a primary school teacher, he doesn't have to get up the next day and sit in a cafe with all the other lazy builders
  • lol- fair enough, i guess if you're a teacher no one would notice the difference.
  • I like the way that he said it only took 6 weeks to get used to sleeping for just an hour at a time.

    "only" 6 weeks of being woken by an alarm every single hour of every single night. Feck that!
  • like sleeping with carl ;o)
  • feck that an all!
  • No updates for awhile.
  • i don't think insisting on a good nights sleep is entering into the true spirit of competing in a deca ironman personally.
  • which is?

    isn't that like saying that run/walking isn't really entering into the true spirit of competing in a marathon? which in RW terms is tantamount to blasphemy...
  • ...or like stopping 5 times on the bike course for a fag isn't the true spirit of being an Ironman?

    How many this year Carl? Have you cut back yet?
  • And surely I'm not the only one that would rather find out what happens to your body when you're deprived of sleep when you're in a world of pain already. I wouldn't extend that outside the two weeks I'd be racing for!
  • if they didn't want you to sleep, the cut off wouldn't be 14 days!
  • rosey do you have to qualify for this with a shorter IUTA event, or is it first come first served?? i know that tony's done levis before as he emailed me some tips when i was going to do it.
  • oh dear...
  • If the RW 24 hour race is a success why dont we do a decca in 2008?

    Id be up for having a bash, maybe take me 10-12 days perhaps?

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