Deca Ironman France 2006



  • I know for me at least I'd end up with really tight muscles the next day and yes, unable to move. It'd be more like swim non-stop, straight into cycle non-stop, followed by 2 days on the beach with my own team of Swedish masseuses and plenty of stretching before starting the run again. Then two blocks of 100 miles, with a couple of days in between breaks, again to give my massage team something to do. If I've got time after all that, I might do the last 62 miles.

    There you go Barly, there's a race plan for you. I'll draw up a training plan if you like. You know you'll like my version of 'training'!
  • lol carl, next year is looking pretty busy for you, GUC, 24 track race, lanza IM, channel swim AND a deca!

    Although i reckon that standing at the start line of the deca with one minute to go, smoking a fag and then suddenly going EH! HOW FU*KING FAR? YOU MUST BE JOKING! Would be very funny. :0)

    So are you actually allowed long sleep breaks, i take it its not like the guc where you are not allowed to stop for more than a certain amount of time?
  • while on exercise on Salsbury plain a few years ago went 5 days with out sleep, got to the stage even when I had a chance to get some sleep just couldn't go to sleep. But boy when I did, slept right round the clock.

    Should imagine they are stoping for food and massage regulary, but going into the second week thats something most of us will never get the chance to find out.
  • last set of results at lunchtime yesterday show 2 people having finished the bike. so just the 262miles of running left then....
  • i just heard it from the horse's mouth that there isn't going to be a deca next year (or at least not an IUTA sanctioned one)... so barlist maybe you can spend your time off organising one!!
  • OK, just received this from Heather his wife.

    Obviously this a few days old as its travelled back with her but he sounds in great spirits.

    " Tony - deca report day 6

    This race has turned out to be an epic already. Massive support in the town with daily radio, tv and press. My swim thankfully over in 20 plus hours despite having bouts of sickness and too much sun. Messages to Colin -
    1. You thought you taught me nothing. Wrong. You did. Thank you.
    2. During all the vomiting my wrists were never higher than my elbows.

    Tented village for the bike big and good. Bike course incredibly difficult and technical criterion course. Absolutely not suitable for this mega distance. Over length by about 50 miles, we think. My bike time close to 5 and a half days so close to target.

    Support crew, Brian, has been fantastic in all ways. Heather flew in for 2 days - a fantastic lift for us both.

    Hopefully running by late afternoon ( it's all in the run). Son, Kevin arrives in 2 days. Hopefully will keep in e-contact

    Loads of all those silly stories to share with you later but for now, Best Wishes, from Tony, going very long Fisher!!"

    Go Mad Tony lol !!!
  • sheesh, a criterion! barlist - see if you can hire a flat oval course for a week to run your UK one next year
  • 50 miles over!
  • 4% error - probably the slack on their car's odometer when they clocked it!!

    there is a moral here "never do the first one"
  • Way to go Tony......after this a normal IM will seem like a walk in the park.

    Nick when you see Tony next shake his hand from me will you.
  • I will do mate, he is currently 3 marathons away from completion. Ankles, knees and hips hurt but he hopes to finish before 11 days are up.
  • rosey give him a huge cheer from me , !! and |NO i never intend to do it
  • well this afternoon he was pretty close to nailing another marathon so I have no idea at the moment, he had lost a few places to 9th as others put on a spurt so I hope by the time we wake up he will have finished.
  • just checked, at 1pm he had 68km to go.
  • He must be done by now, surely, even if he was crawling. Well done Tony!

    Now, ask him how much sleep he had. ;o)
  • This is from Heather at 8pm last night...

    Have just spoken to Tony and he asked me to pass on the news. Firstly, thanks to all who are taking such an interest in how he is doing.

    He now has a very sore leg - partly the problem he had before flaring up, and partly falling over a barrier after marathon 5. He ran the first five marathons but has had to hobble since. He sounded fine, just the leg very sore. His plan is to do some more tonight, have a sleep and give the leg a rest and then finish off in the morning - aiming to finish in 12 days if he does it by 11.10 in the morning. Kevin is a great help, walking with him and Brian too has been a star..

    Not long to go now. love to all, Heather
  • Can we get him for a guest visit on here after? It feels like he's a bit of a celebrity now.
  • Well done Tony, keep going. Been lurking on this thread. Completing Deca must feel amazing.
  • well done tony - hopefully done by now....
  • Big congrats in advance Tony.

    Hope Tony does a race report.
  • Absolutely amazing.
  • the results say he's finished (9th) although no time given yet. congratulations!!!! and good luck to the 7 people still out there on the course.
  • 11 days and 22 hours (or thereabouts)

    Well done Tony!
  • OK, for anyone interested I have access to Tony's blog and now ready to be publicised DECA STORY.

    You will find it here.

    Makes for a great read and a painfull finish. I for one have a lot of respect for the few that have finished this race and Tony is a true champ.

    Hope you enjoy the read.


    ps. Someone do a linky please.
  • fantastic... totally awesome (and a mad!)
  • lots of work needed for base eh ! and cheers Haile
  • 2008 Nice ? ;-)
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