I've noticed that when I run long runs that if I start to up the speed I start to get a pressure at the back of my head. (Roughly where neck meets the head). It's not painful but a little worrying. I don't get it on runs of less than 10K's. Is there anyone who has similar, know what it is. I'm wondering whether it's sinus or something more serious.


  • Hi NPNG

    I also have the same problem. I've narrowed it down to a couple of things - dehydration is the primary cause.

    And also running too hard. If you are doing a long run it should be slow - save your speed sessions for shorter runs.

    After races, I often have a headache like this for the rest of the day - I think it's due to effort, which I expect on race days, but you shouldn't be working that hard on training days.

    Hope this helps - I'm no doctor and can only tell you what I've experienced!
  • i get that too - the neck pain and the headaches
    and i am assuming its dehydration as well as i am rubbish at taking on fluids before i start

  • SlugstaSlugsta ✭✭✭
    Could also be down to tension of the neck muscles especially if, like me, you tend to loook down a lot when you're r*nning. It's worth checking out your posture and trying to keep the head and neck in good alignement - no harm done if this is not the cause.
  • As has been pointed out...one of the main causes of headaches, particularly in warm weather, is dehydration.

    You wouldn't run a car with hardly any water in the radiator, especially in warm weather...the same principle applies. Apart from the noticeable physiological factors such as headaches, your muscles will overheat causing them to be less effective and more prone to injury.
  • Gotta go with the hydro theory I am afraid. Lost 4lb yesterday on a 9 miler with good hydration. . Can be a bugger
  • My sister used to get loads of headaches, no she's not a runner. She never used to drink water. Since she has begun to drink water has had no headaches. I rest my case!

    But it is intersting these headaches are at the back of the head. Its my experience that headaches are most often at the front(i have had them when suffering from a virus). Could these headaches at the rear of the head be caused by something else. Its possible that it is caused by incorrect posture while running.

    If you are suffering from headaches for the rest of the day that sounds like you are on the edge of dehydration and a run is just pushing you over the edge. Just drink more water, i find that robinsons type drinks help you to drink more(dilute to taste).
  • Hi Peter

    I only experience headaches after a warm half marathon race - I do sweat a lot and physically can't get enough fluid in during a race to offset the dehydration. (I take a LONG time to get round!!!!)

    I do drink at least 2.5 litres of water a day when not training and 3.5 - 4 litres when training, and I do the wee check!
  • I'll good advice guy's thanks. I hydrate pretty well. But can understand the frontal headache when dihydrated - hence the hangover !!!. I tend to go with the posture though. I tend to look down at the end of runs especially if it's a slog up a hill. Then comes the pain. I also feel strain around my shoulders so I will look into the posture thing. Thanks !
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