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I'm not an admirer of blogs, but I've had an idea ... there are murky goings on at work and many are unhappy. A blog could be a good way of recording thoughts, shaming management, gathering the like-minded etc.

But I would need to keep my identity secret. Can this be done? I mean for normal purposes, I'm not going to libel anyone or do anything criminal.

Also ... I know nothing about blogs ... where's the best free place to post one?

Ta muchly in advance.


  • is the best one
    but, no
    you cant be comletely anonymous-and wasnt thay bloke sued by a book company for keeoping one and commenting on work-even though he didnt mention them by name
  • MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭
    I did think as much but thought I'd ask. Since I work in the meejah perhaps I'll scrap the idea ...
  • yes, i think you need to be careful Muttley
  • dan dandan dan ✭✭✭
    Nah. My mate has one that he has only told his inner circle about.

    He is gay and hasnt fully come out the closet to everybody, yet he has had this blog anonymously for 18 months or more, using a pseudonym disclosed to only those who he chooses to tell.

    Invent a name, invent an email address, invent anything you like.

    Thing is, you might get in trouble for disclosing stuff and they can trace your IP address easily, so you'd have to be careful what you said.

    Just do it.
  • I guess if its just personal stuff-then you can protect up to a point
    but slag off your company-and it could be dodgy, as you say Dan
  • Muttley - a fair few people have been sacked for personal blogs - one was an air stewardess and another just a computer worker - but from what they wrote they were identifiable - and got the boot.

    I wouldnt bother if I were you.
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