Excessive supination

Can anyone give me some advice about my running gait and injuries? Ive been running now for just over a year but during that time have had constant niggles and pains..calf,achilles etc. even though Ive been careful and slow with my running(low milage,no sudden increase plenty of rest days and stretching...good cushioned shoes).Im now at the stage that walking is difficult,Im limping and I havnt run for weeks!
I read somewhere that excessive supination often leads to injury and the prognosis for future running did not sound good. Im a fore foot striker who lands on the outside of my foot and I notice that I appear to roll outwards with a sort of rock to my feet!The outsides of my shoes are significantly worn down with no visible wear on the inside or heel of the sole. Any ideas or hopeful words anyone?


  • Hi CJ. I have had similar problems, shin splints that wouldn't go away, despite sessions with a physio. I was getting desperate so the physio suggested I see a podiatrist.

    The podiatrist watched me run, said that I over supinate (it's not usual to do this - most runners with gait problems over pronate) and then built orthotics for me to wear. I had temporary ones for about a year while we tried to find the best fit, then once I was happy with them he did a cast and made some permanent ones. It cost a bit (about £250) but it was worth it.

    There are very few (if any) running shoes out there to cater for those who over-supinate, so orthotics may be the only solution. If you decide to go for them, get advice from the podiatrist about what shoes to get, and always take your orthotics with you when you go to buy shoes (take the insole out of the shoe and use your orthotic instead - a decent running shop will have seen this before and not think you're mad!). You will probably need a neutral show as the orthotic itself will be doing all the correcting.

    One final thing. Since getting the orthotics, my shin splints problems have disappeared, and I'm really glad I sought professional advice.

    I hope this helps.

  • Thanks Parsley,
    Think Ill have to go and search out a local podiatrist..once I can run well enough for them to check my gait - at the moment all I can manage is a lopsided hobble!
  • I sympathise. When the shin splints were at their worst I simply couldn't run. I really thought I'd never run again (oh how melodramatic...).

    Where are you based? If you are in London or the South East, I could recommend my podiatrist (he's in north London).

  • Im based in west yorkshire, but thanks for the support.
  • Clamity, just one thing - make sure your podiatrist is State Registered. My osteopath told me that with an 'underline' in his voice so it must be important!
  • OOOPS! I meant Calamity....bring the damned edit button back! plllleeeeeease
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