West Highland Way with a difference

I'm aware it's not running, but it's not quite for a ramblers' forum either!

For a few years now I've had the strange ambition of doing the West Highland Way in a continuous 48 hours. I walked the Way in the usual 7 days 5 years ago. In 2003 I had an attempt at the 48-hours, but after 40 miles (18 hours) was forced to give up due to fatigue (I hadn't trained properly). Following year I trained properly, but frustratingly had to give up at the same place due to tearing ligaments in my legs, and even took 2 hours longer to get there.

I'm looking to have a proper attempt again either this Summer or next. Was wondering if there was anyone else out there who might be interested in joining me for this. If you've got any questions or are interested, just let me know! Be assured, though, that I could never run this sort of distance. I just completed my first 20k, and at the moment that's my running limit!



  • Walked it a few weeks ago with my son.(Thurs 7.45pm Milmgavie - Mon 2.20pm Fort William).
    We managed to do it before 'the midge season' which was very helpful.

    It is a long way and requires alot of mental and physical endurance

    48 Hours !

    All the best, I look forward to reading about it on here Stephen !!
  • Get your kit together, Stephen, the race is on this weekend!

    West Highland Way Race webpage

    Although their cut-off is 35 hours, it might be easier with all the support you'd have around than doing it solo.
  • can't add anything.. but good luck.
    from what i've seen it's a stunning route.

    drop me an email if you like.
  • I'm potentially interested, Stephen. Not this summer - too much life and too little training - but maybe next year.

  • Just looked at the race website and there seem to be a disproprtionate number of up bits.
  • It feels that way when you're walking it too.

    When's there s down bit !

    Just before the next uphill bit was what I concluded.

    Anybody running or walking it has my admiration. Have fun...
  • I am one of the fools running the race this Saturday - target time 24 hrs. I started training ernestly back in October. I have run all the sections individually and hope I don't get lost in the first dark section - the race starts at 1:00 am. I have my support team of 5, with menus prepared and supplies bought. I am now spending most of the week eating, and have pre-booked 2 days of sick leave next week. The forecast is for cool, damp, humid conditions - perfect for midges.

    If you want some morbid humour go to the racetales section of the website. The cases of the 4 runners from last year ending in intensive care are not mentioned.
  • All the best for the race Hillheader. I genuinely mean that.
  • Walked it in 4 days with full kit. Take my hat off to you. The very best of luck. Let everyone know how you got on.
    Hillheader- you must be mad. Best of luck.
  • As an alternative, there are two other races over the west highland way and a charity walk / run. The first is the Highland Fling in April; 53 miles: Milngavie - Tyndrum. Time limit 12 hours. The second over the last 43 miles: Tyndrum to Fort William and is in august (cancelled for this year). This last race covers probably the best scenery and last year was an awesome race. There is also the Celaedonian Challenge. It is aimed at walkers, but runners can take advantage of a later start. This goes from Fort william to Loch Lomond (54 miles) and was on the Saturday / sunday just gone. Apparently 1600 people took part.
  • ..or the triple crown of all 3 races ;-)

  • Thanks for those messages. But those who are going for WHW Race...very very impressive, you're in another league.
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