Hi everyone, I've entered the next Swansea Harriers 5k and I've been having a couple of practice runs along the course as I live very near to it.

I'm quite suprised by the difference in my halfway split times with the second half being a lot quicker.

My last try I did the first half in 14 minutes and the second half in 9 minutes and the second half was really enjoyable.

I don't know if its the fact that I can see the finish so know how hard I can push or whether I'm not getting a good enough warm up, but the second half is just so much better.

I'm going to try and push a bit harder in the first half next time but I suspect I'll suffer for it in the second half and probably run a slower overall time.

I'll just have to try it and see I guess.



  • Jones

    Sounds like the warm up effect, but I can really usually only speed up to max in a race when I can see the finish, so if you really can see the end from half way who knows?
  • Its a dead flat course and it wasn't windy, I'll try a longer warm up and see what happens, might try tomorrow morning as its supposed to be a nice morning although you wouldn't guess so at the moment its pouring down.

  • How do you know where the halfway point is? prehaps you are misjudging the distance?
  • Are you sure thats the right half way point then ?

    First half at 10.7 kmh.

    Second half at 16.7 kmh.

    Sounds unlikely ?
  • Its an out and back course so its roughly halfway, although you do pass the start by a little bit its not much.

    I had a go at going out faster this morning and got to the turnaround in 12 and finished in 23.19 but it was a much harder run and not half as much fun.

    In a race I think I'd prefer to run it like I did the other day and have a slower start and hopefully be passing a few people on the second half instead of struggling back like today.

  • I'm the same on a measured 10k (there and back all flat on canal)that I've done the last 2 sundays.

    Overall speeds are far slower than yours but the ratio isn't far off.

    I only walk and stretch for a warm up and I think its part to do with that as the fist 1k always feels the hardest. The other thing is that my main concern is simply to do it so I can't help but be conservative on the way out but psycologically I'm happier to push myself when past the halfway mark.
  • Steve - sounds like you need a good warm up before you start - so its quicker to hit your running pace when the race begins. You'll tear through the field if you can do that.

    I know negative splits are quoted as being very important for running marathons (not that I've ever managed it) but for a 5k I think it should be flat out all the way.
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