What the f*%k is it

I've had a severe pain on the inside of my ankle for about 4 months now. its fairly localised just below the ankle bone in fact it's the bone directly below the ankle bone. The pain heads in a downward direction. When I'm running it only seems to hurt when I take the weight off the foot not on the down strike. Can anyone tell me what it is and what i can do about it. It's really getting me down and my running is suffering fer it


  • I've not come across anything like this - if you don't get answers here then I'd try a sports physio.
  • It sounds like Tendonitis to me (sometimes get a wet cold feeling as well in that area)...i get it now and then and the only things that seem to work for me are.....
    3.An unusual exercise which you can do while you're watching telly....simply point your big toe towards the floor (almost touching it)and write the alphabet in large letters whilst only moving your foot. Then repeat with the other foot. This makes the ankle more supple and seems to work.
    You might have to think about insoles in your shoes. I usually get it after i've done cross country where my ankles have turned in the uneven ground....never get it from roads (strangely enough!!). Hope i've helped...if no joy after a week then obviously see the Doctor to negate any infections etc.
  • Thanx Munners

    I've had blood tests and xrays which I'm still waiting for the results of. Talking cross country, I did cross country on Saturday and the pain from My ankle was very intense for the first mile or so then I think I got used to it. I'm going to try the alphabet writing for a week to see how it goes.
  • Good luck mate....also when you do get back running....alternate your training with a day off every other day so you never have to run two days in a row. If you don't like the rest days then do some other stuff down the gym....the rowing machine is brilliant for your breathing and cardio work. The stepper is good for flexibility in your ankle whilst strengthening the legs and you can work on toning up the rest of you. Don't forget your stretches even on your days off (there are some brilliant ones for the legs in general on the net. Try ARC.org.uk. Without suggesting you have arthritis, they have loads of links and exercises. Or just type in ankle exercises and that works too. Also have another look at your shoes....are they getting old?....in miles not years....sometimes they only last for 300-500 miles and that can mean new ones after 6 months!! Without telling you how to suck eggs....have you checked your running style with a professional sports shop.....It may be that you are over pronating and have the wrong type of shoe that isn't doing enough to correct how your foot lands. I'm sure all of this has gone through your mind....let me know how you get on.....Munners.
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