Brathay Windermere Marathon

It's back at last!

my first ever marathon back in 1985 - will have to get back into the running to do it again...


  • how solid is this?
  • Solid! as in is it defo on?

    I don't know just spotted it in the listings and its a must do if it is on so fingers crossed...
  • The Brathay Windermere Marathon is being organised as a fund raising opportunity for Brathay Hall Trust. Brathay is a registered charity that delivers personal development programmes with children and young people from across the UK. We work in partnership with various national and regional youth agencies in helping children and young people overcome difficulties arising from their personal and social circumstances, and give them the skills to make positive choices about their behaviour and attitude. Our charitable work with young people is subsidised by corporate training delivered to a large number of organisations worldwide from a range of industry sectors. We currently work with over 5000 children and young people, and over 4000 adults each year.
    In addition to fund raising the marathon is being held as part of our 60th anniversary celebrations and also to raise local awareness of Brathay and the charitable work we do.
    There was previously a Windermere Marathon held between 1981 and 1986 organised by Windermere Rotary Club and Kendal Athletics Club with support from other local groups. The event took place towards the end of October, was always well attended and at its peak attracted 1800 runners.
    We are now affiliated to North of England Athletics, will soon have the course measured, and have applied for a race permit (the permit number will be 7393).
    An entry form can be downloaded from (bottom of home page). Over the next month or so more details will appear on our website.

    This will be a unique opportunity to compete in one of the UK's most distinctive marathon events in a fantastic setting.
  • ooooooooooooooh

    sounds quite good doesnt it
  • DazTheSlugDazTheSlug ✭✭✭
    If I'm ever going to do a marathon, this sounds like "the one". I'm aiming to do a half-mara in Sept/Oct, and if my training goes well I MIGHT consider entering... although I guess this might fill up pretty quickly... oooh, I just don't know WHAT to do... :o/
  • nice one Scott it sounds like a goer so will get an entry in as soon as (fingers crossed my legs cope with the training) still - hoping to do Snowdon this year so that should be good practice lol (just missed four hours in that one back in 1985 again)
  • DTS/PH- 2 of my favourite forumites on the 1 thread!

    Daz- Let's get our sprint finishes perfected for this one. I'd rather do this than the GMR any day!
  • Of course i will be wanting to know about a cut off;0
  • DazTheSlugDazTheSlug ✭✭✭
    morticia - fancy seeing you here! <thinks...> you're not stalking me are you? :o Blimey, if I'm one of your favourite forumites, I wouldn't like to get on your wrong side!!

    Anyway, this marathon lark - I REALLY don't think I'm cut out for such a long distance, but this one sounds so TEMPTING... <dither...>
  • Daz- You aren't cut out for sprint finishes so you would be better off doing marathons and running a long way slowly. Trust me. Hippo will agree.

    You can do the White Peak marathon on Saturday May 19th and this on the Sunday like me. No more dithering. Sorted.

    Looking forward to 'seeing' you Thursday!
  • 2 maras in 2 days?
    are you MAD woman?
  • Oh God, well if YOU think I'm mad I'd better have a rethink! What about these people that do Beachy/Snowdonia/Dublin?!I'd join them if I wasn't on holiday then!

    I'll be injured soon anyway the rate I'm going and that'll put an end to the madness.
  • Morticia/Daz--detective GBM has found you.

    Daz--Be careful! Morticia does stalk people.

    Morticia--What are the toilets like at this race?
  • Morticia
    those people are nothing short of deranged
    love hippo
  • DazTheSlugDazTheSlug ✭✭✭
    GBM - oi, clear off! The last thing we need on this shiny new thread is you lowering the tone.

    Everyone Else - I have never seen GingerBreadMan before IN MY LIFE.
  • GBM- As you have now infiltrated this thread, this means that you have to do this marathon. It also means that in the event of Daz not joining me in a 'District Double', you will take his place. Thank you for your attention x
  • Morticia

    why his interst in loos?
  • Morticia-- If i don't get in FLM then i will do it. If i do get in FLM then i might do it. Daz won't do it because it might be too hot.

    Daz--Did you used to play football for The Spread Eagle pub?
  • PH--Morticia and i are experts in portaloos. Ask us any question about portaloos and we will know the answer.
    Our favourite is 'The Executive' from Andys loos.
  • Hippo- GBM isn't yet fully toilet-trained. It's a long story, and one on which I don't think I'll elaborate. Are you going to tell us whether you're a male or female hippo?

    GBM- I am going to do Connemara next year, London if I get a place, White Peak and this one! You are a big girly wimp and not well 'ard like me!!

    I expect the portaloos at this marathon would pass our stringent requirements.
  • sorry Morticia

    isnt it obvious
    I am a large lady hippo

    who has had toilet issues in the past


    and now i will go to my pit
  • Thank you Hippo. You see- GBM isn't toilet-trained and doesn't know the difference between boys and girls yet either. Bless!
  • Morticia--Girls are the ones that can't drive. If the toilets aren't up to scratch we could always wade out into the lake.

    PH--Please could you go into more detail about your past toilet issues?
  • hi morticia - you're seriously thinking of doing this AND WP? ;o)
  • Gingerbread man

    I get runners trotts on a farily regular basis, and it has in the past affected my races
  • GBM- Why were you still up at 2:30?! Were you so excited about your important finishing line job that you couldn't sleep?

    PH- I have the same problem and so overdose on the Imodium because I worry so much about it! Running fast doesn't help does it, so it's definitely better to go slow. GBM is famous for an incident he had while out running with his clubmates which necessitated a quick sprint into the bushes. Can I just ask you Hippo, not that it's relevant to running but do you/did you prefer The Smiths or The Alarm? It's a very important issue to me and GBM.

    BIR- Hello!!! How are you? Back to normal now or are you still struggling? LMH is getting there I hear which is great news. Yes I would like to do both as I enjoyed WP so much this year I would rather jog round both than try and race one. And they are both so tempting.
    What's your next big race going to be?
  • Morticia
    neither are to my taste really
    but if I HAVE to choose then NOT the Smiths

    Immdium does mot always work
    though i take it before every race
  • Hippo- You're right about Imodium (the other bit was wrong!) I have done 20 mile runs before now, taken 2 lots of Imodium beforehand and it hasn't worked. Luckily it hasn't affected me in races, just long runs. Eating properly the day before helps I find. Chocolate is the worst offender, unfortunately. I plan long runs now so that I pass a public loo every few miles just in case!
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