just curious, dont know if many people will answer but heres go's, how heavy are you, what do you think the best weight to be at for tri is? im thinking about tri in the future but at the mo just overweight beginner, thinking im way to fat well i am at the mo, 19.6 st lol! 6ft also just curious to how many larger build people take part.


  • Pebble 2Pebble 2 ✭✭✭
    Daniel there are people of all builds taking part, put your name on the entry form and go for it, steady training along with a controlled fuel intake (food) will see you at the starters gun ready for the off, and I promise you at the end of that first race you will want to do another :0)
  • Well you're not making things easy for yourself at that weight, but don't let it put you off. Triathletes come in all shapes and sizes - as runners do. I think in the US they have seperate categories for big fellas - the Clydesdale category.

    Anyway - we've got some big guys doing an Ironman in Germany. Oxy - how heavy are you now ? ;-)
  • lol @ Cougs !!!

    Dan, to be 'better' at tri its a power v's weight thing. But you can say that about any sport so as Pebble says, get your name down do some training and take part. You might be the biggest person there but probably not the slowest !!
  • thanks for the encouragement, im not ready to take part in tri yet, im going to concentrate on my running this year until next spring when i will be able to afford a bike(im a student) hopefully i will be around 15-16 st then more mobile, seriously tho how many people are about that weight,
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    Dan I was just under 16 st for my first.
  • I'm now 13.5 stone. I've lost at least 2.5 stone over the last few months. I am 5'9" ish.
  • I'm a short bird at 5'4" and I was 13st when I did my first (and as yet only) ironman. I want to do another and aim to be between 10 and a half and 11 stone. There were loads of big fellas there.
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    I was about 16 stone when I completed Ironman CH last year - still about 16 stone..........but like Pebble, we are both ex-props so we'll never be skinny whippet class............

    and there are many bigger guys around the circuit than me and Pebble - but I think we may be amongst the quicker heavyweights in our age groups -I like to think so anyway!

    check out www.clydesdaleuk.net - UK branch of the Clydesdale mob - it's not a great site but will give you an insight into heavyweight tri.........it's managed by a guy called John Petrides who is over 19 stone himself and about 6!. he's quite a common sight on the tri circuit - nice guy as well. the Clydesdale World Champs is in Florida in October..........

    weight is not important - just go out and do it.........you'll love it
  • My weight fluctuates between 15 and 16 stone and have done 13 sprint triathlons, and am doing first Olympic this year. As Cougie says, you aren't making it easy for yourself, but so what. Get out there and enjoy it.
  • Daniel I was 21 stone 12 years ago, walking then running to loose weight then eventually dipped my toe in triathlon a couple of years ago.

    Im 6ft 1in and swing from approx 15/7 stone in winter to 14/7 in summer.

    Doesnt matter what your weight is, one things for sure if you stick to your training, use racing as a goal to loose weight and have a fairly sensible diet youll loose a couple of stone quickly.

    Go for it, there's no rules on shape or size and youll be surprised how many skinnies you pass.
  • "i will be around 15-16 st then more mobile, seriously tho how many people are about that weight"

    I completed 2 Ironman races last year at that weight, near the back but completed none the less.
  • Daniel, running is great for helping you to lose those extra pounds, but IMHO cycling is the best. You aren't limited by the amount of pounding your knees can take, and with a lot of weight to hold, your knees may suffer. The sooner you can get a bike and start some nice long rides the quicker you'll shed those pounds.

    (6ft 11st)
  • ...and you're as mobile on a bike now as I am!
  • daniel I was 16 stone when I started trainin... good advice from garr stay off long runs with the weight, try rowing or stepper in gym and of course long bikes ... its great when the weight comes off and it is a great sport sign up for your first triathlon you wont regret it !!
  • Yea ill second (or is it 3rd/4th?) the advice about staying away from long runs, I was very injury prone in my early training years due to that.
  • thanks guys this is great encouragement, i used to swim alot and i have friends in tri, they were going to do a local biathlon of 1.5 run ( i didnt kno it was all up hill) and 1.5 mile swim, i did it for a laugh and at 23st at the time came 6th to last but i did it, thats kind of what has inspired me to lose weight and become active, the longer i have been eating healthy about a month now the easier it has become. I understand about the effects on joints etc i take plenty of rest and have well cushioned shoes, i go to the gym as well but like to run as i love it. Fat Budha i can totally relate to you, im a prop too!!. I cant afford a bike until next year but can cycle in the gym so ill try and do that.
  • fat buddhafat buddha ✭✭✭
    DL - remember - you are built for comfort, not speed

    that's what I keep telling myself anyway!

    (PS - biathlon is ski/shooting. what you did with swim/run is aquathlon!)
  • lol fat buddha, they call it the st ives biathlon i even have to t shirt to prove so, apparently because its a run then swim rather than the other way round, thanks for all the encouragement guys, another question where do you guys find tri kit to fit and wetsuits!
  • Buddha just paints his naked body in team colours
  • fat buddhafat buddha ✭✭✭
    kit is trial and error - go to a tri shop and try but they may need to get larger sizes in...........a lot of tri kit doesn't go bigger than XL so you may have to lose some weight first!!

    wetsuits - these have to be tight so again you need to try but you can buy custom made wetties............

    tri specific shops are best

    don't worry about Plumbweight - he's old and crotchety
  • I started off as an 18 stone front row forward, so not far off what you are now. Just did it bit by bit. 6 years, a London marathon and 5 Ironmans later i'm 12 stone 7lbs and a lot happier.

    Important thing to remember is that you aren't going to change over night. Set yourself realistic goals and have the long term vision to see where you want to be in a few years time.
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