Running too slowly

I've been running again for about 3 weeks now and Im starting to get in a routine.The first couple of times I went out, I went far too fast and although I was quite happy with my times it was torture.So Ive been reading about training pace etc,slowed down and started enjoying my running much more.

The problem is have I slowed down too much? The first run I went on for aprox 3.5 miles was 7.47 mile pace.I went out for a similar distance tonight and I averaged 8.40 mile pace.Have I slowed down too much or should I stick with the easy runs all the time at present or should I add a couple of tempo runs as well.Im running 3-4 times per week for distances of 3.5 miles to 6 miles aprox and Im a 27 year old male hoping to race in the future.




  • Ian, stick to slow and easy running for now, as you get fitter your easier pace will get faster naturally.

    Why not look around for a local 5k or 10k race you could enter and run in about 8-12 weeks time and train for that.
  • I agree - sod the time, go for distance every time.

    I see them at every race keen young lads (usually in MUFC football kit) who push to the front and blast off like whippets only to be passed after two miles, by several fat smiling old men with bad knees .

    The object of distance running is endurance, increased pace usually comes with increased mileage. It's like charging up a battery long slow miles in = shorter faster miles out.

    Aim to eventually complete 10k(6.2M) in something like an hour without stopping.
  • Thanks for the replies.I get the idea of what pace I should be training at the moment.

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