Fat Club - Monday 26th

Good morning all,

Anyway, this week I am posting a loss of 1 lb for the first time in ages. I increased my intake when I started running further and I've struggled to lose anything since. However, last week I went back to the way I was eating before and as a result I've lost weight this week. I think a little knowledge can be quite dangerous because I was convinced that I needed to increase my calories when running further but obviously went too far.

I ran a 10k on Saturday, not a PB but enjoyable nevertheless. However, I had a disastrous long run yesterday; went out feeling great, intending to do 100 mins. After 3 miles my left knee started playing up (old riding injury), by 4 miles I was limping and then I met the runner I always dread - a sprightly 20 something who runs with a local club. He offered encouragement by telling me that I'll never get around my 1/2M running so slowly. I smiled sweetly and hoped that he wouldn't spot the dog poo I'd just seen in the longer grass! At 5 miles I gave up and walked home feeling like the worst runner in the world. Thankfully hubby was on hand to mop up the tears and offer encouragement in the form of chocolate. I've now decided to rest my knee for a couple of days and miss out my long run this week - I think I must have overdone my training in the last couple of weeks (silly old woman!).

Good luck to everyone weighing-in to day.


Total lost to date - 43lbs


  • Morning all,
    Well i have no weight loss to report, Even though i have been runningmountainbikingswimming everyday last weeek. I cant understand it. It is getting very frustrating and to be honest its getting me down abit. I see people eating bacon sandwiches with envy. Maybe i am taking in too many calories. I Just dont know. Well i am going to cut right down on what i eat this week and see if that makes any difference.

    Good luck to all you peeps weighing in today, hope you have better luck than me.


    Total lost to date - 3lbs
  • Okay weigh-in day for me too. Haven't been particularly well behaved this week and I haven't really trained very much either (last ran on Monday last week). Anyway I still have a 1 pound loss to report!! So in total now 13 pounds in 5 weeks! I'm down to 12st 12.

  • Nic - "Well i am going to cut right down on what i eat this week and see if that makes any difference"

    This sounds dangerous to me especially if you are doing all that exercise, if I were you I would examine what you are eating first and see if there any low-fat healthier alternatives. Good luck.
  • Hi all,
    Didn't post yesterday as I was over my friends all day, babysitting her two gorgeous little girls... and today I am waiting for my brother to drop my little niece off who I'm looking after all week.. have to borrow other people's children you see - haven't got any of my own!! (through choice though I might add..!!!) Anyway, onto weight.. was very bad yesterday, but I blame those two innocent children, who plied me with sweets and chocolate all day..!! Coward that I am, I haven't had my weigh in this morning (I thought it was Sunday today - losing my mind a bit I think!).. Anyway, gonna have a weigh-in tomorrow. Cath - when do you get your results back from the hospital? Good luck with that. Don't feel like I've lost weight at the moment, (well not after yesterday!). Take care all and I'll let you know tomorrow if it's good or bad news re. the weight situation!
    Bye for now.
    Michelle x
  • Well done Cath on the loss.
    I missed my weigh in last Wed - and don't think I'll make it this Wed either. Had some sad news last week and have been all over the place since.
    Haven't been eating too badly and have still be gyming every day so am hoping I'll break even when I finally do hit the scales! Still haven't put in a proper long run since the half 2 weeks ago - but that's something to tackle this week.
    Keep it up everybody - and happy (rest of) holidays!
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