Things that make you go "Grrrrrr!!!!"

MinksMinks ✭✭✭
1. Sitting down to have a No. 2 before noticing that there is no loo paper.
2. The plastic packaging inside Weetabix boxes that just won't open without tearing and shooting Weetabix crumbs all over the place.
3. Sticky labels that can't be removed without being picked off one tiny piece at a time.
4. ATMs with no cash available.
5. Spilling something down an item of clothing you've only just washed and ironed.


  • the way songs i don't like always seem to go on longer than songs i do like on the radio.
  • being told to stay calm or not panic when you're calm and not panicked, already.
  • 1. 5 day weather forecasts
    2. People standing on the wrong side of an escalator.
    3. People doing something stupid on the road, then moaning when they nearly run me over.
    4. Obnoxious kids.
    5. Someone eating with their mouth open.
    6. Big Brother.
    7. Narrow-mindedness.
  • light bulbs blowing
    freezer defrosting itself!
    fridge door left open
    shoes precariously left on the bottom stair
    that and dinky cars!
    people ringing off just as you've run all the way downstairs (avoiding shoes/dinky cars) to answer the phone.
    empty milk bottles put back in the fridge
    chewing gum on bottom of shoes
    loosing the end of the cellotape/clingfilm

    I could go on for hours!!!
  • Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens
    Bright copper kettles and warm woollen mittens............. sorry, wrong thread :-S
  • laces coming undone when you've double-tied and superglued them.
  • Dog S*it on pavements
  • dog poo anywhere.
  • 1.fruit going off 5 seconds after you've got it home form the supermarket
    2.postman walking passed the house and not delivering anything!
    3. people leaving car engines running and horn beeping at 2 in the morning!
    4. taxi drivers who are SSooo late
  • 1. Kettering
    2. Left handed people
    3. Having to find a £1 for a trolley
    4. Greying chest hair
    5. Anyone called Colin
    6. Shop assistants who won't catch your eye
    7. Waiters who ignore you
    8. Fat birds training for RFL in groups
    9. Anyone who doesn't use a "ring ring" ringtone
    10. Anal retentives who start lists
  • Joyriders in Sainsbury's car park at 0200 in the morning.
    Skateoarders in Sainsbury's car park at 0200 in the morning.
    Two carloads of drunk oafs playing football in Sainsbury's car park at 0200 in the morning.
    Sainsbury's not closing the gates to Sainsbury's car park when they close.

    (yep, my flat overlooks Sainsbury's car park.)
  • 'power' walkers who walk six abreast around the park and do not make way for a 'power' runner...well...jogger...more of a shamble, really.
  • People who sit in the middle lane of the motorway driving at 65mph, who decide to speed up when you try to overtake them.

    Particularly the old bird in the black SLK on the M40 this afternoon.
  • H with you there

    Merc drivers full stop!

    Why do they drive like complete c**ts?
    SLK a470 this morning
  • My husband. I think he's got PMT.
  • People dressed in massive fancy dress get-ups who stand at the "Goal Time 1hr:20" start post.
  • MinksMinks ✭✭✭
    Lucky13, my old flat used to overlook Sainsbury's car park so know exactly where you're coming from there!

  • I hate peeps who live in flats above Sainsbury's car park!

    All i want to do is some burn outs!

  • When they've just started discussing an interesting topic on the radio and yes, there's that bleedin' tunnel again that interrupts the signal long enough to miss half (if not all) of it.

    Disclaimer: I may spend too much time in my car listening to radio4
  • People who tell you to be careful after you fall over/drop something.

    People with bad table manners

  • People who borrow your car and then return it with no petrol.

    Going for the weekly shop and after you have unpacked and put the kettle on you realise you have forgotten to buy some milk/tea/coffee/..........
  • and having to clean up cat sick.
  • People who drive too close behind-especially when there's plenty of room to overtake,
    Bad manners.
  • People who don't say please or thank you
    People who chew with their mouths open
    When my son tells me to 'take a chill pill'
    People who don't wash, so stinking a room out

    Probably loads of other things but these are the ones that come to mind immediately..........
  • People who say "I don't come to the doctors often, so I've made a list ... "
  • When you've lost something, people asking where you left it/saw it last. If I knew that I wouldn't have lost it or I'd have already looked there already.

    People on the train with their iPod on so loud the whole carriage can hear every word.
  • Sam.Sam. ✭✭✭
    getting asked for ID

    I *know* it's their job but I'm nearly 30 ffs!
  • Getting changed quickly, setting out for a run, and realising, about 100 metres along the road, that I'm still wearing big dangly earrings and a little snippet of underwired lace.
  • Sounds enticing Velociraptor!
  • I don't think Mr X likes me, I was born in Kettering and I am left handed!! (but my name isn't Colin)

    The lady that took 5 mins to choose an onion from the bottom tray in Sainsburys tonight.
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