Where to go in Eastern Europe?

Going on holiday next week, which involves flying into Budapest, having a week spare before going to a festival in Serbia, then another week spare afterwards. Anyone got any advice of places in Hungary or ex-Yugoslavian countries worth going to?

Everything I know about that region of the world was learnt off Newsround during the Balkans War. So if we go with what I know we'll be going to Sarajevo and Split...


  • Slovenia is nice :)
  • the former Yugoslavian coast is supposed to be very nice and recovering its tourism from the years of upheaval

    Llubijana (sp)?
  • So many places are worth seeing:

    Croatia, Montenegro, Serbia, great beaches and scenery, especially MOntenegro. Croatia is very similar to some Italian resorts.

    Slovenia is great too.

    Estonia is worth visiting, Tallinn is an amazing city, and there is some nice countryside in Estonia also.

    Budapest is also fantastic, get there now before its taken over by stag partys like Prague has. Once you've decided I can probably tell you some good stuff to see and do etc.
  • Labe Balaton in Hungary has superb reputation and Budapest itself is a fantastic city.

    Belgrade also a great place and Sarajevo is fascinating too.

  • Would be nice if things picked up again in Bosnia after the ghastly time they had. There was a very famous stone bridge in Visegrad, over the river Drina (and subject of a novel by Ivo Andric for which he got the noel prize in literature), wich spanned several centuries of generations and creeds in conflict but the bridge was somehow there as a symbol of one thing they had to share, whatever their differences.
    I think the original has been rebuilt.
  • Lake Balaton is lovely - stayed in Balatonfoldvar which is a small place with a nice little beach etc. Found it very peaceful, but there wasn't much to do that didn't revolve around the beach and watersports. Depends what you're looking for really.

    Have heard lots of good things about Croatia though I haven't been.
  • dubrovnik - not been but it'd be my first choice from what people have told me
  • Is Lake Balaton to the East of Budapest? We're talking about going to some big lake east of Budapest. Budapest is supposed to be lovely - we'll be doing that after the festival I think. My parents went to Dubrovnik a couple of years ago and loved it, but I think it'd be a bit of mission for us to get to.
  • I wasn't sure so just checked a map, its south west of Budapest. We went to the south side but from memory was told a lot of German tourists visit the north of the lake. Was amazed to see Crystal tour operator features Lake Balaton, guess more and more of eastern Europe is being discovered.
  • A Croatian friend has highly recommended the Croatian coast.

    In Eastern Europe I've only really been to Prague (lovely, but stag do's could be a problem in the summer - I went in January). I've only recently come back from Vilnius in Lithuania, which would be a fair trek from Hungary and the Balkans. It was a lovely place though, not a huge amount to do, but a lot of good bars, cafe's restaurants and good for people watching!!
  • Highly recommend Slovenia - have spent 2 summer holidays there in Lake Bled - lovely!!

    Also Croatia - spent a week in Dubrovnik which is well worth a visit
  • bratislava. tell them alexi sent you.
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