Snowdonia Marathon Training

Have decided to run snowdonia marathon, problem is I have not done too much hill running (ok nearly none). I live in manchester and so am in easy access of the peak district.

My thinking of a training plan is to keep similiar to my last marathon schedule, just changing long runs on road to long runs in the peaks.

Sound like a plan? Please bounce a few ideas




  • Tracey GTracey G ✭✭✭
    Hi Harry

    I decided in a mad moment at the begin of this year to Beachy Head. Came back from my holiday to find my race number and info.

    Have decided to to Shades marathon training plan, but also do some hill work on a treadie in the gym. My training starts on 1 July.

    Good luck

  • Shades marathon training plan? Know anywhere I can find some good literature on this?

    Good luck to you too tracey, doing trailwalker (100km walk) in about three weeks, a few weeks recovery and then i'll start training
  • Tracey GTracey G ✭✭✭
    Harry, I have Shades training plan. I am not very good with attachment, but could try if you email me.

    Snowdonia, is on my list of races that I want to do. Don't know when I will get to do it, as I want to do Abingdon again next year.
  • One way would be to keep the hills to the hill sessions & the long runs to the flat bits. That way you get quality hill sessions, focussing on strengthening the muscles you need, then elsewhere in the week a quality endurance run, prompting your body to make the necessary adaptations.

    By combining them you may end up working at too high an intensity on your long runs, and still being weak going up the hills.

    I'd recommend building up a session to 60 mins on a hilly loop - ~1km up hill, 1km down hill. Start with something like 2 x 20 mins with a 5 min jog (on the flat) inbetween & over time upgrade your session to 3 x 15mins, 3 x 20m, 2 x 30m, 1 x 60m. If you're not used to running hills, I'd recommend giving your calves / achillies a good stretch afterwards.
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