Anyone know a good ITB stretch?

Hi. I have got inflammed ITBs on both sides. (as well as tight piriformis - long story!). I have tried the stretch which seems to be in all the books - stand up and lean against wall with one leg crossed over other. it doesn't seem to do much. Does anyone know a better stretch? I have recently started running again after a break to have a baby - I dont want this ITB thinkg to flare up again. Cheers guys. Bean xx


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    Lie straight with your legs together, on your side on the edge of the bed (as far as you can get without falling off), facing in towards the middle of the bed.

    Slide your top leg behind the bottom one and allow it to hang off the bed. You should feel an almighty stretch down your ITB. Hold for about 30 seconds and then swap sides.
  • Bean
    I to have knee problems here are some of the stetches I have found useful
    stretch 1
    strecth 2
    stretch 3
    stretch 4
    stretch 5
    Another couple you can try but cannot find pictures of are:
    Take stretch 3 so you are lying on one side with legs slightly drawn up (bent) with ankles and knees together then open top leg up (as if you are opening a book) but keep ankles together so the movement comes from the hip. Open and close the top leg several time best to do till you fell a burn in your hip area as most knee problems are a by product of hip weakness so by strengthing your hips it causes your knees to straighten out
    The other one to try, lay face down on the floor with the balls of foot on the floor which causes you to have to bend your knees, then one at a time straighten your legs repeat both sides.
    Congrats on baby
    Don't forget to take it slowly in getting back to running so only oncrease milage by 10% each week this should hopefully reduce to likelyhood of ITB reoccuring
    Maybe you would like to take up pilates to help with core stability and leg alignment
  • Check out Walt's special on an internet search - really does get it!
  • Thanks - will try some of these today!
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