Foot pains

Hi all
Just re-starting to run after almost 10 years away and a history of ankle sprains (twice each) & knee cartilage operations. Trouble is, I get severe pains in my feet, seems to come from inside the foot and around the ankles, almost as if the joint is unstable. I have no trouble walking, but running provokes this. It is very frustrating as I would dearly love to get back to regular running. Could this be just due to lack of conditioning in the joints - any thoughts/suggestions to deal with it ?


  • Les I have just had a lay off after experiencing a painful foot. I went to see a sports injury therapist who diagnosed weak ankle caused by a ligament sprain, I went over on it in November. He gave me exercises basically raises on my toes until the back of the calf burns to strengthen my ankle. Because my ankle is weak the landing motion was irregular similar to over pronation.I've been doing the exercises for about a week and I can feel the difference already. Maybe you need to strengthen the ankles up, but please may I suggest professional advice.
  • One excellent exercise to strengthen ligaments/tendons etc round the ankle after spraining is to balance on one foot and, when steady, close your eyes. Then try and keep your balance which works all the small structures that may have become loosened (I think!) by the injury...
  • Many thanks Sub 3.15, I've tried this tonight and it must be doing some good because it sure ain't easy keeping in balance !
  • Thanks for the tip Paul. I'll report back in a couple of weeks on how it goes.
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