Alternative to Saucony Grid Omni 4/5?

I don't know a whole lot about running shoes - I found ones that worked for me and stuck with them rather than exploring.
I'm curious and would like to maybe shop around a bit, or at least have a shufty at some other manufacturers. Anyone got any suggestions for alternatives to the Grid Omni 4 or 5 that do a similar job?


  • I went from Grid Omni 3 to Mizuno Wave Inspire. They have a similar fit to the Omnis but are lighter and feel less clumpy.
  • Thankyou, Mister W. Great pic, by the way!
  • Anybody used any Asics that give similar feel or performance to the Saucony?
  • Badger - I have only ever run in Asics & while there is no doubt that they are a fine product.
    My opinion is that for whatever reason the quality of them seems to have dipped a bit.
    I was running in the GT2100 &2110 there is an issue with toe wear creating bloody big holes & there has been numerous threads on here regarding this fact.
    I have just switched to the Omni 5's & the overall quality seems,better & the support & comfort seems better.
    I have as yet to be fair only used my Omni's on a treadmill & not the road.
    You could look at the GT2110's or the Kayano's but I think you could do a lot worse than sticking with Saucony.
    I belive the Saucony Hurricanes are also a pronation shoe,you could try them.
    But if you are not getting injury problems & discomfort from Saucony shoes why change?
    'If it ain't broke don't fix it' would be my advice for what it's worth.
  • BRT, glad to hear you've managed to try your Omnis! I am going to get a pair tomorrow after discovering that (unfortunately) my Hurricanes are not the shoes for me. I've done many miles in comfort in my Omni 4s so I'm sticking with them (but the newer version of course!).
  • what is the difference between the Omni and the Hurricane as I noticed that they were both described as stability shoes with cushioning?
    Having been running in Hurricane 7s I've just bought 8s - but not yet done any running in them. Tried the Asics 2110s in the shop and they didn't suit me at all
  • Brooks Adrenaline is a good alternative too.
  • Thanks Debs!

    The Omnis are great!

    I am sorry to hear the hurricanes have not worked out.Why dont you ebay ??

    I used them again last night they are like slippers.Fantastic!!

    I am a total convert to the joys that are Saucony!!

    I do not think you will be disapointed with the omnis debs.

    At this rate Mr Sock -o-knee will have to send me a free pair for the good pr :)
  • bager-
    as above i moved from omni 5 to asics 2100 for mara training found them fine with no probs
  • Cheers all for the feedback.
    Bigredtoe - I may have found an avenue through work to get Asics far cheaper than Saucony, hence wanting to see if there was a viable alternative. I do love the Omni, it's been wonderful over the last couple of years and the only injury problem I've had since running in them was because I knackered a pair out, then my knee followed...
    Ideally, I'd stick with Saucony but I may try the Asics just in case...
  • Badgerdaddy - don't!!

    I picked up my Omni 5s on Friday and have already run 14 pain free miles in them. They are fabulous. Best fitting pair of trainers I have ever run in (largely due to the fact I have now got them with the recommended finger / thumb width of space between toe & front of shoe!).

    Lorraine, there's not much difference between the Omni & Hurricane. The Hurricane has more cushioning, and in my (expensive!) experience, the Hurricane has a slightly wider fit in the forefoot - too wide for me when running. For some reason the stability in the Omni is better suited to me as well; it works so I'm sticking to it!!
  • go for it Debstir - enjoy your running - and thanks for the info
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