Weight loss help required!

Hello - If anyone has any advice on this I would really appreciate your feedback!...

So let's see if I can give you the short version...

I run an average of 30 miles per week (6 miles every morning into work) and I'm trying to shift the last 5 kgs in weight to get to my 'ideal' weight.... but just can't seem to do anything other than maintain my weight at the moment.

I'm a healthy eater and hardly ever have sweets or chocolate - if anything, my portion sizes are on the large side, and average 5 glasses of wine spread throughout the week.

What am I doing wrong / what do I need to do differently to shift the scales?

I initially lost 5 kgs last year when I started increasing my weekly mileage (went from 20 miles to the now 30 miles p/week) and controlled my food intake, but the weight loss has now stopped and I'm only half-way to my goal...!

The initial 5kg weight loss also meant I improved my half marathon time by 10 minutes (PB of 1:42). So I'm also keen to lose the weight so I can improve this time (maybe even by another 10 minutes?!)

So any feedback or advice would be greatly appreciated - I'm feeling very frustrated and unmotivated because it's now been over a year since I've been trying to lose the last 5 kilos - ARRRGGGHHHH!!!

Thanks - BB


  • have you tried just ditching those 5 glasses of wine? Those extra cals alone may be the difference - and won't affect fuelling for running by reducing food intake.

    Am no expert tho - am struggling with same thing myself:-).
  • Thanks for your speedy response TT!

    Have thought about it... but haven't tried it... maybe I need to think about it seriously... doh!

    How about incorporating weights with running - can the body get used to the same routine of running and may need some variety in exercise? Or will doing weights put more weight on??

    I don't mind getting more muscle tone, but not bulk - basically want to be a lean machine (don't we all??)

  • HI - don't forget that as a runner/serious exerciser you will be heavier but size slimmer than most women - the 'weight/height' charts don't take muscle into account.

    And now - just a personal query - is losing 5 kg really worth losing 5 glasses of wine a week (which for me is about total enjoyment - kids in bed, beer in hand relaxation)? Personally I would rather shoot myself now than contemplate losing those little extra treats!

    My suggestion would be to look at your portion sizes which you suggest are big(if you are still determined to lose the 'extra') If for instance, you have 1/2 complex carbs such as pasta, 1/4 meat, 1/4 green veg, change the proportions so that the complex carbs and green veg swap over - this is classic 'low GI' diet principal and helped me to drop the last stone post kids. It has stayed off and I'm just eating more fruit and veg and less bread etc now with no lost enjoyment and less post lunch sleepiness! Good luck
  • Thanks Mootoppers - I must say I have to agree with you about the glasses of wine - surely there's got to be SOME pleasures in the whole weightloss thing? Fortunately I enjoy (and sometimes even crave) fruit, vegies & salad, but I would still like to think that I can have a 'treat' a day??

    I know there are 'hidden' calories in a glass of wine, but it must also be my portion sizes and complex carbs vs green veg that is keeping me here...

    Do I need to 'step-up' my exercise (miles p/week) in order to burn more calories? Or should I just continue to keep an eye on the food intake?

    I really do want to get my head around this and make progress on it without being too 'boring' with my eating (it's just a shame that I'm really into the taste of food!)

    Any good websites for calorie-counting and tracking calories??

    Thanks again for the advice!

  • You need to build some muscle mass. Yes, the body does get used to exercise and can get a bit "bored" with the same old routine.
    Muscle burns calories faster than that of an untoned muscle. Aim for 3 weight sessions a week working all the main muscle parts (back, chest,quads, hamstring, bicep and tricep and shoulder) and within 4-6 weeks you should see some improvement. also monitor your portion sizes. Aim to have smaller portions around 4-6 times a day rather than 3-4 larger meals a day.
    Hope that helps and i so wish i would take my own advise!!!! lol..... Ditching the wine would be a killer for me but it is empty calories im afraid.
  • That sounds like good advice Tracey, thanks.

    I'm not that clued-up with weight training, but I do know you should do them in sets of 3? How many reps each? And how long should I spend on each muscle group?

    maybe I will have to cut down on the wine also - so unfair! :o)
  • DO you actaully need to lose 5kg?

    is it realistic, or are you aining for too thin?
  • You need to do 3 or 4 sets of 8 or 10 reps and lift a weight that is as heavy as you can bear, but not so your popping veins!!!!
    I do mine as a circuit as it gets your heart racing and gives a little cardio workout too. So i just hop from one machine to the other. OR you can have 30 seconds rest and do next set.....May be a good idea to join a gym until you get used so you know you are doing the exercise correct.
    5 glasses of wine a week is not massive amounts, i reckon building some muscle and opting for smaller portions more often will do the trick.
  • BB,

    my advice would be to ignore 'ideal' weights. According to those charts, etc I should be 11st. I'm not I am 11st 7lb.
    When I was climbing alot I was 12st 8lb an never felt overweight, I was just more muscled in my upper body than now.
    I think that if I got to my 'ideal' weight not only would it be hard to maintain but I also think I would look uinhealthly thin.

    So you're 'ideal' wieght is what you are happy with not something from a book or chart that does not take into account muscle mass.

  • Yes colin, i agree. Most do not take into account age, sex, muscle mass, body fat etc...... go off how you feel. But by building muscle you may lose inches and NOT weight.
  • Tis all very true about weight - as runners we have more muscle anyway than most of the population.

    Sorry about the wine suggestion peeps - don't really drink so it sounded easy to me:-)

    Now if someone suggested I gave up my daily couple of squares of dark choccie would be up in arms:-)

  • Muscle also weighs more pound for pound than fat... that can't be what I mean.
    A pound of muscle weighs more....
    No, that's not it either..

    Muscle is heavier. As Tracy says you lose inches but necessarliy weight.

    That'll do.

  • Female population I meant! Think men are different creatures altogether.

  • Thanks guys - I definitely won't be too thin if I drop 5kgs! I know I'm carrying a little extra weight, and losing the first 5kgs made SUCH a difference, not only in my running, but also my confidence, that I'm keen to drop the extra 5 that I initially had in mind to lose.

    I don't know what it's like to be too skinny, but I love food too much to be able to deprive myself of it!
  • Colin - muscle is denser.
    Weighs exactly the same, but takes up less room:-)

    (the old ton of feathers, ton of bricks thing:-)
  • TT,

    thanks, I was struggling with that :-)

  • TT - never mind chocolate - I can't look at your profile picture when hungry - yummmm!!! I can take it or leave it with chocolate though - v strange for a female!
  • OOH - just thought - M&S treacle tart with a good dessert wine - now you're talking!
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