Barns Green Half Marathon

Anybody know how `undulating` the course is for this race? PS`s possible? And is it really traffic free as stated in the race diary?

Any info gratefully appreciated



  • Hi Bakerboy, I did this race last year. It's probably not a great PB race, as it is verging on hilly. Actually, there's not a huge amount of flat, so unless your previous best was on a undulating course, or your form's much improved, it'd be tough to PB. As to the traffic free thing, I can't honestly remember, but there were parts through a park (on paths) and I certainly don't remember much traffic.

    Hope that helps,
  • Whoops .. just looking through this, and created a thread without meaning too !

    Are there any decent pubs in the vicinity of the course so I can plan a few beers after the race ?
  • I've been having a think about " value " in these races - how come some races can justify charging over £ 1 a mile with
    6, 500 runners ( 1/2 marathon in Berks ), and yet races like this remain reasonable value with much smaller fields ?

    I always look at the cost divided by the number of miles - Just ran a 10 mile race last w/e in Lingfield for £ 6 - I think some of these races are good value - runners should steer clear of overpriced races, so that organisers get the message.

  • The Barns Green can be fast,but I have found only for the slower runners. Many trying for a pb in the Ihr 45min+ area do achieve this.I think one of the reasons is that it is slightly undulating,should be traffic free up to at least 2hr time.

    Yes there is a pub within 2min walk from the finish.

    A good class women going for around 1hr 15 to 1hr 20 would find plenty of men to run with,but anyone trying for sub 1hr 6 may find they will have a solo run.

    So give it a go,I am sure you will enjoy it regardless of pb's Ron.
  • As for pubs, at about mile 3 there's the Bax Castle, followed by the Queen's Head at about mile 6, and the George and Dragon at mile 9. Maybe this is where I keep going wrong - I'm not stopping for a pint frequently enough. As a Barns Green resident I can confirm that the course is certainly undulating with one long steady hill at about mile 9, the roads are closed for the race so no problems with traffic, the countryside is calm, tranquil and peaceful. I'm hoping to crack the 2 hour mark for the first time in a half so I have high hopes of it being a good course for a PB. The last time I ran it I did a PB then. Everyone should come to Barns Green once in their lives.
  • I ran the race last year, and it's definitely not hilly. Gently undulating with one steepish section just b4 half way. I got a PB of 1 :43, and enjoyed it. Plenty of 1st class pubs around the area, I got drunk in the Queens Head at the finish with some old pals and got a right 'blast' from my other half when I got home !
  • did the barns green half a few years ago,hope to do 1.45 this year as my first race after beeing away with injury for almost 2 years !!!!!. it was trafic free and only undulating not hilly.good luck to all compeditors
  • I'm running in the NY marathon next week so this will be my last big run before winding down. hope to meet you all there- thanks for all the advice on course form and where the pub is- hope to be able to have a drink with you all at the end. good luck!
  • What did you all think? Nice blustery day for it. I managed a PB in 2hours 41 secs which I know is dead slow but it was brilliant for me.
    Nice part of the world for it, isn't it? And a well organised event.
  • If you're not aware - the full results are on the website.
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