Masai Barefoot Technology

I've recently heard of these and some people I work with (one of whom is a runner) are using them, but I'm still slightly sceptical, especially given the cost.

Has anyone here had experience of these 'revolutionary' new shoes, and do they justify the cost?


  • If you haven't heard about them here is the website...
  • Hi Trin, I have worn MBTs most days for the past 2 yrs. overall, very comfy and a re-education of walking style. do they do what it 'says on the tin'? don't know, jury is still out. will I buy another pair? again, unsure. they've lasted well, much longer than normal shoes, but....... I dunno.

    probably not that helpful but, as you say, they are expensive. when I went to look at the shoes, the sales staff were very good and not 'pushy'. spent about 2 hrs in the shop discussing the merits, using a treadmill, learning the 'new way to walk'. trying all the styles of shoe. so, maybe head over to a specialist stockist and see how you get on with them.
  • Thanks ATO... didn't realise that they'd been out for that long.

    But I guess if you've been wearing them for that long they have lasted well, so that starts to justify the cost
  • fat buddhafat buddha ✭✭✭
    why not just go barefoot???

    or - buy a pair of these if you want more protection but still mimic barefootedness


    get them from Blacks at about £50 a pair - very comfy if a little weird when you look down!!
  • FB... When I'm working nights I'm on my feet for over 7 hours on concrete and i've found that my feet really ache after 4 or 5 hours so I'm looking for something that's comfortable with good protection, and takes the stress out of the feet in those conditions.

    I've tried wearing old runners but even they don't help after a time.

    There are 4 people at work wearing MBT's now and they recommend them, but they haven't been wearing them for very long.
  • JJ2JJ2 ✭✭✭
    i bought some but sold them on ebay as they made minor running injuries worse!
  • That's interesting JJ2... aren't they supposed to be good for runners and actually prevent injuries not worsen them
  • fat buddhafat buddha ✭✭✭
    is OK Trin - I can see why peeps wear MBT's if they're on their feet all day.........I noticed quite a lot of nurses and paramedic staff wearing them recently on some visits to a local hospital..........

    I still think that more people should actually go barefoot at home and in the garden as it does help to keep your feet in better condition.....wearing shoes and socks all day is not good imho..........

    in fact - am barefoot in the office right now!!
  • I know what you mean FB... I love being barefoot. It's the best feeling, getting my shoes and socks off at the end of a night shift
  • I'm curious to know how it would affect those whose arches drop when there is no support, so making a knocked-kneed impression. I don't go bare foot for fear of cutting my skin - wimp i know!! But do notice a difference when in socks as opposed to shoes with supports in.
  • I've been wearing MBT's for a few months and I love 'em - VERY comfy. I spend most of my day standing at the gym and I use them when power walking with clients.
  • SOrry to hijack thread but can anyone tell me where I can get those fivefingers from in the UK or online?
  • Kevin...You can get them online via FB's link
  • fat buddhafat buddha ✭✭✭
    you have to go to a Blacks store to get them and then only a few Blacks stock them - but I believe others can get them in for you.........

    I got mine from Blacks at Lakeside.....and they only stock black

    BUT I have found one place on line you can buy them but only in limited sizes

    Lizard factory outlet
  • Trin: Sorry to go off-topic, but...

    FB: I support your argument about going barefoot as much as possible. I've recently had an experience with a runner who was keen on well-cushioned shoes yet suffered lower-leg aches and pains. Combined with a slight change in running technique, we ran barefoot over concrete pavement (clean & no sharp objects!) quite comfortably. Their notion of what constitutes foot protection has now changed. Thanks for the links/info on the Vibrams.

    Trin: Ta v. much back to the thread topic....
    I haven't tried MBT. I have a friend at work who wears them. She constantly looks as if she is rocking back on her heels. This might be the case as she complains of tightness at the shins and upper feet. Maybe she has to lock the knees straight for balance...I dunno.

    If the MBT are expensive, could you borrow a pair from someone for a while to try them out?

    I'm not sure if would (could?) run in them. Maybe it is better to wear flatter shoes, relax/bend the knees a little and adopt a slightly lower posture on the ball of feet???
  • Sorry I meant to say: When standing, maybe it is better to....etc etc.
  • Thanx nrg... I have found them on Ebay, much cheaper obviously ;)

    I don't think they are meant for running in though...I just want something that's going to help my poor feet and legs as I stand on them all night
  • TopSecTopSec ✭✭✭

    I have some and like them, I got them as I suffer from a bit of lower back (muscle) pain, which I think is posture related. They are great to wear and do make you stand up straighter. Whether they do everything they purport to I doubt but I think they would definitely help you at work.

    Wouldn't think of running in them though! ;)
  • After some consideration I trundled off to Ebay and picked up a nice white pair for £82 :)

    But then I discovered the blue ones...

    What was I to do...

    Aren't Ebay great ;)
    I got them for £95 :)
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