Last week and lost for what to do

I'm doing the Liverpool half marathon on Sunday and according to most of the suggested training plans I've seen this week should be one of rest. Just a couple of light runs before the big day.

I take it that means cut out the cross training as well.

I'm going to be lost for something to do.

I suppose I'll just have to stuff myself full of pasta all week.


  • drewdrew ✭✭✭
    Burnley, one of the risks during the "taper" period is puting on weight. Remember not to eat as much as you usually do since you won't be using as many calories. It's not a nice feeling lining up at the start having put on 3 or 4 lbs!

    Good luck on Sunday.
  • On my rest weeks, i usually miss the running sesssions, but go to the gym for a weights session on the Wednesday (usual day) and have a really good work out. I find after missing the running for a few days, i can lift heavier weights!
    Then i go home and eat pasta, pasta, pasta.
  • Hi Burnley, just to add to what others have said, don't take it too easy this week! When you taper, you should still be doing some high quality sessions, but low quantity. I find short reps with longish recoveries good. I also like to have an easy run with a few strides the day before a race (about25-30mins) with nothing the day before that. None of the runs this week need to be more than 40mins though. Try:

    Tues (today) - 40mins total; 15 warm-up, 5 x 1min reps (mile pace) with 2mins walk/jog recovery, 10 mins cooldown.
    Weds - Easy 30mins
    Thurs - 35mins total; 15mins warm-up, 3 x 2mins reps (3k pace) with 2mins recovery, 10mins cooldown.
    Fri - Rest
    Sat - 30mins easy with 3-5 efforts (striding).

    Also, still eat quite well (high intensity reps use a lot of CHO)!

    Hope that helps,
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