Diabetic & Supplements

I am looking for any information on taking supplement drinks, carbo gel & bars etc that you see advertised.

Is there any no go areas for Diabetic which is controlled by diet.

Is there any to avoid or one to go for




  • Michael, your diet as an athlete with type 2 diabetes controlled by medication should be very similar to that of a nondiabetic athlete. This includes the need to take in easily absorbed carbohydrate during long runs and races. If anything, you may be more prone than most to exercise-induced hypoglycaemia.

    So try out the glucose drinks and gels and the maltodextrin bars and choose whichever suits you. Or stick with boring old Dextrosol and jelly babies.

    Definitely avoid products labelled as "suitable for diabetics". These are often sweetened with fructose and sorbitol, both of which can cause diarrhoea. Or they're sweetened with aspartame, which is no earthly use in carbing up your muscles.
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