Nike Zoom Vomero and other cushioned shoes

I love running on cushioned shoes that are like mattresses, and as the Adidas Supernova Cushion seem to be getting harder with each release, I thought I'd try the Vomero after reading some rave reviews. I can't find the women's version anywhere though - can anyone help?

And if anyone has any other shoe recommendations, this would help. (Tried Mizuno Wave Rider, Nike Air Pegasus, Saucony Grid Trigon and Asics Gel Nimbus - all too hard for me).


  • Hi Lizard!

    Sounds like you like the same sort of shoes as me:-)
    I've been struggling to get the right ones too - Asics Nimbus are no good, and I agree with you about the Adidas ones.
    I was thinking about trying the Nike ones, even though I haven't had Nikes for years.
    There aren't any women's Vomeros for some reason, but I understand that the Air Zoom Percept shoes are basically the women's version of the Vomero.

    I get numb balls of my feet if the shoes are too hard - the only ones I can currently run in for more than 6-7 miles are my Saucony Grizzly Approach shoes which are trail shoes rather than road shoes. But they are like very comfortable sofas - I fair bounce along! Definitely worth a try if you do any off-road stuff, even trails through woods etc.
  • Strange - I didn't know Nike didn't do the Vomero. I'll get an order in for the Percepts and see how I get on. Might try the Grizzly's aswell.

    Thanks TT!
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