Injury recovery time

Went to see a podiatrist at the weekend as I've had pain in my forefoot for about 10 days. He's diagnosed a possible stress fracture or maybe ligament damage caused by a combination of poor footwear and over pronation.

He says I shouldn't run for 2-3 weeks and that if I still get pain after this time with my new stabilising trainers I might need orthotics.

Anyone else had a similar experience? How long did you take you to recover? Did you recover completely? Did you do other types of training instead?
Any experience or advice appreciated


  • In my experince sports injury people always tell you to rest for 2-3 weeks or so. it's obvious advice. chances are your injury will get get better if you don't run for 2-3 weeks if you don't run. you don't need an expert to tell you that!being told that you might have a stress fracture is not good enough in my opinion. Go to someone else who can give some a more defintivre opinion. i would suggest getting the advice from people at your local running club who wil know about effective thearpists that have helped tehm in the past.
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