Wedding Day 7K

Who's up for the annual scorchio Friday evening run around Bushy Park?

Beer and fish & chips afterwards, gotta be the best part of it :)


  • why the funny distance?

    is this because Guy can't do 10k anymore? ;)
  • Hope to see you there, guys.

    I like the sound of a 7k race as the finish should be at about the point where I start to feel rubbish in a 10k...
  • Green EyesGreen Eyes ✭✭✭
    I'll be there for this one Tiger. Entered yesterday!!

    Looking forward to my fish and chips and guinness afterwards:-)
  • I'll be there - but not running - far too heavy preggie now (6mths) ... will be there marshaling somewhere - cheering you all on. And staying around afterwards, of course, for FnC - GMx
  • Does anyone know if there was an official photographer at the event?
  • I hope not cos I looked even worse than usual during and after a race. Never felt so wet and orrible b4:-))))))))))
  • I know what you mean. But as I always look a bit of a fright during races its all a bit relative!
  • Did you stay for the non existant bbq after. Took my hubby best part of an hour to get fish and chips. Ended up driving to Twickenham in the end cos the one round the corner was soooo busy:-)
  • No I got a bit scared off by the singing! Seriously it did look like a good laugh. I've never done it before but will do it again. Time wasn't particularly good so guessing it's not PB potential.
  • Thought the singing was ok. Our club won the mob trophy so felt compelled to stay. Really enjoyed the evening and saw loads of peeps.
    I've done it once before a couple of years ago and managed a pb this year - god knows how. Have to say that I was very glad when it was over and judging by the look on everyone elses face so were they:-)
  • Well done Epsom. I was chuffed to bits getting my presentation before Sonia got hers.
    No more events for me for a while.
    But I'll be marshaling the Stragglers CP10 in Sept. And will still be preggers (hugely so) then.
    Hope to see you.
  • You were the star GM. You look soo well. Bet you were glad you weren't running eh!!!
  • I did my last event the next morning - BPTT 5k - but power walked. OK I was last but that was expected.
    Thanks Green Eyes.
    I'm off this forum now - happy running.
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