• Saga is cheaper at £11.50 for 265 750mg tablets - or six months supply at the "standard" daily dose of 1500mg.

    Saga Supplements

    it was a bit embarassing getting the package through the post as I have a shared latter box!
  • The cheapest I've found is, where they charge £13.45 for a year's supply of 1 per day 1,500mg tablet.
  • Holland and Barrett - bloody rip off merchants!!
  • Healthspan do 100 tablets for £8 or something like that... Must post their details!
  • they're 1000 mg ones with Chondroitin I think!
  • Wow - that is good WP.

    One thing I've learnt is to be careful to look at the doseage - a lot of the cheaper ones don't have much glucosamine in them so you need to take ten a day or something.

    Some of the ones with chondrotin only have a bit of it (100mg or something when the recommended is 1500mg too) but cost twice as much.
  • can someone tell me what causes muscle pain.
    last sunday i went on a six hour hike, very hilly. monday morning my quads really ached walking down stairs. i then went on a very hilly 2 hour run off road, i thought it might ease the muscles but it didn't. i realise the pain/ache is caused by overuse, but what actualy happens to the muscles are they damaged, and what is the best cure, rest or stretching.
  • There seems to be a big debate about this - lactic acid build up or microtears to the muscle fibre.

    Then again it seems to happen with low intensity exercise, which shouldn't produce lactic acid (as I understand it) - e.g. in ultra events which are done at a slow pace.

    Sorry - nothing more definite than that :-)
  • Also could any of you guys tell me what denefits you have felt from taking Glucosamine sulphate .I take it but I don't know if I'm really feeling any benefit.I still ache when I get up after a hard run
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭

    Glucosamine is a substance which naturally occurs in the body, and helps to repair and rebuild cartlidge and connective tissues. Taking a supplement may (or may not) improve your body's ability to repair damaged cartlidge and so reduce arthritic type pain in the joints. I've never used it, but a friend swears by it for her arthritis.

    Unfortunately it doesn't work for sore muscles.
  • I think I have developped arthritis in my toe joints. After years of dance and strenuous overuse of my feet I guess it was to be expected!
    It doesn't hurt that much, but does tend to get worse when I run or wear high heels! I'm always wary of taking supplements as I think they're probably a bit of a con and I can never work out if I feel any better.
    Is it worth trying something like this?
  • There does seem to be some evidence for glucosamine. I'm trying it in a last ditch effort to be able to run FLM this year (osteoarthritis in my big toe) and so far I'm having mixed results, but I've only been using it for six weeks.
  • What is the evidence then?
    I remember last year the announcement that cod liver oil was good for you .
    Who paid for the research - Seven Seas!
    The proof is in the eating so to speak , is there anyone on the forum who takes this stuff and says it has made a real difference to the way they feel ?
  • ME

    I was having problems with my joints after runs and one of my older colleagues said to try glucosamine.
    It takes a while to kick in but I have noticed a difference, Its just a matter of setting the right dose and remembering to keep taking it.
    I take 800mg daily having reduced the dose slightly about 6 months ago with no apparent ill effects.
    I do also take cod liver oil but have done so for a v. long time so probably would only notice any change if i stopped
  • I used to have major problems with my ankles, they would swell up with no warning at all and I would be off work for weeks at a time. I've seen specialist about the problem, been X-rayed had my blood tested and all sorts.
    I started using ChrondroMax from Healthspan which has 400mg of Chondroitin and 500mg of Glucosamine, My joints have stopped making cracking noises, I don't have any pain any more and I'm able to run with no ill effects.
    Haven't had any problems for three years now.
    The only down side is it can be quite expensive, but rather that than the consequences.
    I swear by the stuff.
  • it's as simple as this:

    i had runners knee.

    i took lots of glucosamine sulphate and chrondrontin (which equalled during recovery time about 2000mg a day glucosamine and about 1600mg an day chrondrontin) and my runners knee went away.

    i now take 1500mg glucosamine a day, and i have NO joint problems. period.
  • Ok , I'm convinced.
    I have dodgy knees (both operated on)
    I take Glucosamine but not on a regular basis. Looks like the best policy is to buy the Chrondromax and give it a go.
    Thanks for the input.
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