I'm thinking of buying a garmin - the only reason I want it is for milage....I like to just go out and run with a rough route in my head, rather than plan my long runs.

Would one of the older versions be suitable?


  • Forerunner 101 is the cheapest and the simplest.
  • but needs battrys and can't be charged.
  • I've got a 101 that I picked up on ebay. Been very happy with it. Yes it does need batteries, but you can fit aaa nimh rechargables. Just remember to take them out and charge them up. A great little device.

  • 201 is in Sweatshop for £89. And you get a £10 voucher for spending over £40. I paid £125 with no voucher a few months ago and still thought it was a good deal. The battery is built in so no need to buy more. And they last for 14 hours on one charge (officially, but I reckon about 10 hours really)
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