sore foot!!!!

I've run about 60-70 miles in new runners without any problems. But after a 16 mile run yesterday I now have an ache from the ball of my big toe along the ridge behind the other toes in my left foot only. There is no redness or broken skin just this ache!!!!
Any ideas????


  • There is a nerve thing there - can't remember exactly how it works, but it gets triggered by pressure. I only get it on the right foot due to the transverse arch there being slightly collapsed.

    Check "Morton's neuroma" here or on Google and see if the description fits your symptoms.
  • Thanks for link...I will check it it out today.

    I'll let you know....
  • Had a look at symptoms of 'Mortons Neuroma' and feel this is not it...but..'Mortons Toe' sounds the likely cause, to make matters worse my second toe is a hammer toe!!!.

    It is not painful this morning so I will wait and see how it feels after my run tonight. Perhaps it will only start to hurt after the long runs........I'm doing the FLM and I'm not going to let this stop me.

    thanks again
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