The lunatic fridge, triple f Tuesday feb 12th

Morning all


  • Morning Benz, morning all. Off to work now and taking gym stuff so hope to get to the gym at lunchtime . Catch you later,
  • Morning all!

    Brrrr - it's freezing in here.

    LOts of healthy food though - fruit and veg, no pork pies or anything.

    Short run down the gym to try the trainers out, plus some weights and a sauna.
  • Good morning. Rather murky in Cambridge.

    Enjoy your training everyone, might head out for a few miles later.
  • Morning all, again in some cases
  • You do, excellent
  • Morning all, like the name Benz, is that our trailwalk name?
  • Morning all.

    Ran for an hour before work, prob about 6.5 miles. Now got an overwhelming desire for porridge, might have to sneak a ten AM breakfast break.

    Hope everyone has a good day.
  • Yes, slightly zany today EP. BK's are fine and car didn't breakdown down on me in Reading today so in a better mood than yesterday.

    Morning SB
  • Hi everyone. Please wing positive thoughts my way today. Got my induction (officially becoming the Rector) service tonight at 8. Place heaving with Bishops, Mayors and other assorted dignitaries. Oh help!
  • Morning all.

    I am so late today - but I had over 8 hours sleep, so it was worth it.

    I'll probably go out later - three miles at 10K pace or 4 miles at half-marathon pace. Is that sufficiently technical to put on Training?
  • Morning Sassia. V-rap.

    Best wishes Sassie, I'm sure it will be lovely.
  • Sassia? Sounds sultry...mediterranean...mmm...
  • Morning all!
    ate almost an entire french stick last night, what's the damage cals-wise?! was one of those ficelle things, like a skinny french stick.
  • Enjoy it, Sassie.

    Trailwalker seems to have taken a sinister turn. Aren't we going to run it, then? I was hoping to be in a hotel at the other end by bedtime.
  • Depends what you put on it, Lamb.
  • Running it sounds cool to me and I'm sure Slowboy and Nick will be up for it.

    Lamb, the French stick isn't a problem. As long as you didn't have 500g of cheese with it...
  • That's a relief. I was so sure all the people in the brochure Oxfam sent were wearing their fell-running spikes.

    Better do some work.
  • Where's everyone gone? I'll be forced to go running if you don't distract me. Or build a computer...
  • nothing, just ate it in the car coming back from tescos! followed by gorgeous homemade veg soup.
    am i looking at about 400 cals for the bread?
  • everyone seems so anti-bread i was just wondering, eg matt roberts, he talks about it like it's the spawn of the devil
  • Morning Glenn

    no training for me until March.

    lamb: ficelle must have lots of brie and saucisse de sanglier, unsalted butter and a glass of vin de pays rouge, oh and b****r the calories

    but for petit dejeuner?

    a chirac moment?
  • Apart from people with gluten intolerance it's just a load of trendy Yankee nonsense Lamb.

    >>sits back and awaits flames<<
  • Why no training sfh legs?
  • I agree, I lurve bread I do! (Maybe I have a bread belly instead of a beer belly!)

    Any way really good hour in the gym this morning, I gave those weights what for!

    Back at work and expecting another long one!

  • It's only skinny celebrities and the dodgy gurus who make a lot of money by pandering to them who are anti-bread, Lamb. Bread has been the staple diet of honest British workers for centuries, and our bread-eating-class ancestors didn't get fat (that was the preserve of the kidneys-for-breakfast folk in the big houses) or twitter about being "allergic" to it. The ate over a pound of the stuff each a day (with precious little else) and, er, dropped dead somewhere between 30 and 40 years of age. Maybe it wasn't so good for them after all :-(

    Bread is definitely still way up the list of Good Things for most runners.

    One ficelle...probably less than 400 calories, working on there being 95 in a slice of thick-cut Allinson wholemeal. Yes, I've looked at the label - how sad is that? And at its best just eaten fresh out of the packet.
  • Good morning peoples, hope we are all well this fine-ish morning?
    How long does it usually take for a new piccy to upload?
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