Bob Graham SOS

Hi, This is a desperate appeal for anybody who could help pacing a leg for my up and coming BG attempt. I have lost people at the last minute, and if anyone fancies mucking in it would be greatly appreciated.

Im planning an attempt clockwise, 1AM start 15th July on 22.30 hr schedule - am desperate for help especially for legs 3 and 1.

Can anyone help? or do you know someone who might be able to ? Please call me/text me

07786 925426


  • No, but will have a look - thanks for the tip
  • what exactly do you need?
    company? kit lugging? navigation?

    what kind of speed are you planning?
    i guess the terrain is pretty gnarly.
  • I'm already otherwise engaged doing Trailwalker that weekend, otherwise I'd have been highly tempted to offer support.
  • sorry mate, would have loved too but can't do saturdays at that short a notice. good luck in your attempt though.
  • Thanks to all who have considered supporting, i know the notice is very short and its a bit of a long shot!

    I have a very-skeleton support team, and Im looking for help on pacing or navigating or someone with rockclimbing experience who can get me up broad stand on Scafell.

    The pace is not quick, it averages 2.5/3 mph, but the terrain is very taxing - but also varies from leg to leg (there are 5 legs in total).

    From the experience of my club, a moderately fit road runner with cross country experience can comfortably pace legs 2 and 5, thus being very useful.

    Of course, ideally all the support runners would be expert navigators/fell runners with an intimate knowledge of the terrain - and id have 5 of these per leg.....

    But in the real world...Its just do the best you can - which adds a bit of spice at least!

    Anyway, drop me a line if you interested, you would be welcome to join in

  • andy... you have mail.

    oh i just reread 1 & 3 .... changes the logistics only slightly anyway.
  • Thanks Ed,
    I cant access my emails here - but will respond first thing tomorrow

  • Where are you Andy? Exactly?
  • why does it matter where he is?..... there's only one place you can do a BGR... surely ;-)
  • I was at home!

    Keep all my email stuff at work, dont ask why - its just my system!

    Ed - Ive mailed you, chat later if poss

    Monique - You are a forum junkie, see you down the club later ?
  • Have put your SOS on the Durham Fell Runners forum. Good luck.
  • Might be down to run on Thursday, Dom has guitar lessons on Tuesdays now, so don't make it down.
  • ed_m,

    Yeh, only one place...

    I'd though about it until I realised that for any recce runs I'd have to drvie 10 hours round trip.

    It should be in the SW instead :-)


    I hope you get enough supporters, I'm guessing that you've recced the route stages anyway.

    Let us know how you get on.

  • Thanks Colin,

    Ill keep you posted.

    Monique - See you at Leggers thursday? David said he was going, ill bring your mug!
  • Cheers yes will be there (I think)
  • boing.

    FYI andy made it round in something over 23hours.

    a pretty awesome acheivement by anyone's standards.
  • congrates Andy well done...
  • Well done, Andy :o)
  • Welcome to the club....
  • Congrats :¬)
  • well done, congrats!!!
  • Mark, Velociraptor, Colin et al :-

    Thanks, Im glad its all over!!! I can thoroughly reccomend this event to anyone who enjoys sickness and suffering for 16 hours plus the odd bit of good running :)

    Ed -

    You were superb on 5, it was simply crucial to be well supported on that leg, and you seemed to know exactly what to do.
    Ill knock up a report for you when the old brain is working again, hope you got back OK and your wife didnt mind your absence!
    Speak soon.
  • Fell Running, Demon, haileunlikely, markie :

    Thanks also,
    Ill do a full report soon, maybe ill wait until the thought of eating a banana doesnt make me want to vomit!
  • Glad the forums could help out, such a lovely bunch, well done Andy, absoluely brilliant, you just need to have a little rest in time for London Tri now.
  • Monique,

    You were crucial in getting Paula and co on the case for leg 3 - they were fab. Thanks for your help, hope to see you pre-ironman ??

    Anyway - get back to work u slacker!
  • We are off tomorrow evening, so probably not, I am packing up tonight. But well done I am so glad you made it, and for pacers it feels like they share the achievement, do you think Paula will make an attempt soon, we could repay the favour?
  • I would be delighted to repay the favour, for Paula perhaps next year, and for when you eventually get round to it ;-)

    The support is crucial, its half the game, its more like a team event in reality.

    Good luck (And to David)
  • my pleasure andy.

    was interesting to be on the supporting side of things for a change. not sure how much i knew what i was doing but i know from experience its good to have someone to follow (when julian dropped back a few occasions) and that its not a great time to try and engage in idle chatter!

    have to say you were much better at asking for fluid than i am.... i usually have to be given it and told to drink it!

    well done anyway, now i just have to avoid being tempted myself.. for now.

    got about 4hrs sleep on the sunday morning, then had to drive cautiously to find an open garage as one of my tyres was a bit low on air.. which i didn't till the m6... coffee and some food got me another 20miles or so when i had to stop for 20mins kip & a stroll round the car park and then i was ok if not exactly spritely the rest of the way. expected to snooze on sunday but didnt.
    quads are shot to peices from the descents!

    anyway enough rambling.
    crazy stuff.

    oh and i ought to mention even the local drunks know a bob graham runner when they see one at the start/finish.

    andy even got propositioned by a couple of young ladies at the end, seemed to think endurance was a good thing ;-) although i told them he wouldn't be much use to them just now.
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