5K - 36 min 52 sec

Well the title says it all. What I want to know is that quiet bad? (the truth PLESE) I know thats its averaging at 13 mins per mile but would like so opinions. Did the race for life yesterday, so hard I havent ran for at least 7 - 8 weeks! What really annoyed me was there was no water or any markers to let you know how far or how long we had left. When I crossed the line I was so close to tears my mum & dad were waiting for me although I had told everyone to stay away (very embarrassed)and my dad gave me £100.00 sponsor money! I felt as though I had ran a marathon. Silly really would never know what that feels like. Any way let me know what you think of me time please and any advise for the future would be grateful, supposed to be doing half marathon in Sept but really dont know now.


  • Well, OK, I'll be honest. 36.52 is not fabulous....but it's not "give-up-bad" either. It's absolutely fine
    - for a relative beginner - especially after 7-8 weeks not running
    - in RfL where the course is usually crowded so you have to dodge round peeps
    - on a warm day (I know yesterday was cooler than last week, but it was still muggy)

    A half marathon in September is possible if you get back to your training....

    ....but I'd suggest you look at the slowest time last year for the race you plan to do. That'll give you some indication about whether it's a race you'll feel comfortable doing.

    If it's not, find another one that is more slower-runner-friendly .....and no, I don't mean that nastily....I'm a 12 min miler :-)
  • Oh - and well done for doing the 5k. You're still faster than the spectators :-)
  • Hi Marlene,

    Well done for finishing the race!!! SO many beginners get hung up on time but you did it!!!! Your parents are obviously very proud of you and your running achievements. They are aware of the effort and training you put in for your race and quite rightly so wanted to congratulate you. And so should you! You put in effort, just like 10K, half mara, mara, or ultra so it WAS like a mara for you.

    My very first 5K was 34 mins now I'm closer to 26 mins and theres folk on here who will be slower than that or much quicker!

    Give your self a pat on the back and set youself another target be it time or distance.

    Well done! :-))
  • My first RfL was a fortnight ago - I'm a beginner and did it in 38 mins. I'm aiming to train up for a 10K in November. I wouldn't worry too much about your time - just enjoy it, and well done for completing the RfL!

    Heckenhocker - you mentioned looking up finishing times for last year's races. Could you tell me how to look this up please, it would be useful as a benchmark for the one I'm aiming for.


  • Considering you hadn't run for 8 weeks - its a very good time ! Really you need to be running 3 times a week in order to get real improvement - so you hadn't helped yourself.

    Basically - its up to you - if you want to run - then do it. If you leave it 8 weeks between runs, then its not really for you.

    You'll need to be a lot more dedicated if you want to run a half though - thats 4 times the distance, and the field will be faster than the typical RFL one.
  • Well done Marlene for doing it in the first place - just imagine what you could have done with a bit of running in the weeks leading up to the race - did you have an injury? I hope you manage the half-marathon but you'll need to do some training beforehand :-)
  • Well done Marlene, you should be proud of yourself forn getting out there and doing it. You will see big improvements if you keep it up.

    My first 5k race time was 38m39s (I had been running for 4 weeks). The 2nd one I did, a month later I got 36m23 and I am well and truly impressed with this time for me.
  • Marlene, any time is an achievement because you’ve taken the time to do it, and you have finished so you should be really proud of yourself. For the half mara in September I would suggest you train though. You will need to build up your endurance.

    Don’t worry about being the fastest just yet. Just try and have fun with it and focus on finishing it. Your speed and fitness with improve as you go along.
  • RTG....find the website of the race you are entering (usually there is a link if you look up the event on RW Events), then look for a link to the results from last year.
  • Thank you all for your kind words!
    Doing race for life gave me the push again that I needed, I am starting my training for the half marathon, I have paid for me place, so I will see how well Im doing nearer the time to see if I will take part. Its not an excuse but when I got up in the morning I thought I would go for a run after work but when I got home it was just so warm especially for Scotland! We've had 3 weddings in a row over the past few weekends so that didnt help either. I am quite proud of myself for taking part and as my dad says(he's ran loads of marathons and in great times too!)"the first is always the worst" which I believe to be true as I did not know what to expect. Can I just ask are all races the same? I felt really squashed as the path we were on was really narrow and seemed to be on top of one another, do the usually have mile markers and water? Any way Im going to have a rest and then get back to it cause when I run I really enjoy it and when I get back home I feel a great, its just getting out there!

    Minardi - I didnt have an injury which was a surprise, just felt really light headed.

    Raring to go - well done you! was your race busy, they reckoned there were 2500 at Irine's RFL.
  • Hi marlene
    Most races are much less corwded than RfL and, yes there are mile markers and water and results

    Dont let your dad oput you off, or tell you you arent good enough just because you are a bit slower than he might have been
    the party is at the back!
  • I agree with Hippo to be honest, Even when I started running faster speeds I occasionally invite friends and run with them. Personally I don’t run to race, just to have fun. Sometimes the back pack is the best place to be.

    Most races I have run had water, mile/km markers and while a lot of them start off crowded they spread out as everyone finds there own pace and there own space.

    If you want to you can always double check with the organisers on the facilities that will be provided and the distance between each water station. Most list this on their websites or event pages. Others will include the information in the runners pack you receive prior to the race.
  • Hi Marlene

    Firstly congratulations on finishing and raising money for Cancer Research, you did brilliantly!

    I had been doing running training for 2.5 months before my first R4L on 8th July based on my running times I was hoping to finish in 42-45 minutes as I didn't know the course and knew it would involve some hills.

    I was thrilled to finish in 38 minutes so 36 sounds fab to me! Don't get hung up on time, you did it, you finished, you raised money for a worthy cause and you can easily train to go further.

    Don't give up, give yourself a BIG pat on the back, be proud, get those running shoes back on and start working towards your next race.

    Good Luck and happy running :o)
  • My first 5k, I was going to set a new world record, but finished towards the back of the pack. I was also beaten by a 73 year old fellow who i have the greatest respect for.
    I had loads of fun at the back of the pack, and enjoy 3,4 or 5 times a week now, and do regular 5k and 10k races.

    Stick with it, everone had to start somewhere. But most of all enjoy it.
    Good luck with the 1/2 mara.
  • Wow...A PB!!! So what if the time was a bit slower than the racing snakes at the front. Be proud of yourself, you did it.
  • I did my first RFL at the beginning of June and ran a pretty similar time. My aim was to get round in under 40 mins. It was soo hot on the day and I walked most of the last section. I rember my initial reaction was elation at completing the course then frustration because my practice times had been faster. However when I mapped my practice sessions I realised they were 0.5 mile shorter and I was actually quicker on the day.

    My usual pace is 11/12 minutes per mile but I hope over time I'll get quicker everyone advices me its important to build your endurance base first.

    Ayway don't beat yourself up - be proud of yourself.
  • I also completed my first 5k RFL about a month ago in 36 mins and was delighted to get round in under 40 minutes!
    I know what you mean about the weather, it's really hard to find time to go out in this heat!but i'm doind a 10k in 6 weeks so this week, it's gonna be 6am starts from now on!Well done for etting yourself the half mara challenge - you should be very proud to get round so don't worry about the time!!!Well done!
  • I'm running my first half in 7weeks and I know how you feel! The heat is definitely slowing me down and training is difficult. I know it will be worth it in the end. I get overtaken by garden snails when I'm out on the road but at least I'm out there and you should be proud to be too!
  • Its a fabulous result - so much better than the invisable thousands of people behind you who never entered, who live on the couch...

    you should be proud you trained and entered and showed up on the start line :-)

    I'm injured at the moment, and can't run, so I'd LOVE to be able to go run 5k in 36min 52 sec, really!

    keep it up!!
  • Hi Everyone
    Been relaxing for a couple of weeks. I have decided against 1/2 marathon in September I must have been mad! What I would like to do is get training for next year so I can enjoy it a bit more. Does anyone know of a programme I can follow, I need to stick to a schedule or I dont run (crazy I know. I am looking for one with a bit of spice - running, swimming, cycling etc.
    Any tips would be great.
  • Hi Marlene,

    Take a look at the 'Training' tab at the top of the page, anf you'll find all sorts of schedules in there.
    I tend to use the shedules as a guide, and then devise my own plan which I know I can stick to. I'm training for my first Half at the moment, but I'm increasing my distance at a much slower rate than any of the schedules suggest.

    If you've decided to delay doing a Half until next year, how about doing a few 10Ks in the meantime? These will get you into the swing of races, and will give a nice step up to doing the Half next year.

    Good luck with your training.


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