Possible torn muscle and Bike TT race on Wednesday!!

Well on saturday I did my last bike training session in preparation for two 10 miles Time trials this week......in the 2nd half I got the mother of all cramps in my left calf...almost fell of the bike...well yesterday I could hardly put any weight on it! We think that the cramp was so powerful that it torn the muscle! and my races are wednesday eve and saturday morning....eeeeeekkkk

Any tips to speed up the recovery and manage to ride on Wednesday eve?
I do not mind so much giving up on Saturday's ride but the Wednesday one is important to me.


  • Yeah been taking the odd Ibuprofen...still painfull today but once I get moving it slowly gets better

    Should I race with a tubi grip on?
  • Ok Pixel

    <crosses claws>
  • Um... bit of a Mad Hippy Suggestion here Furry One but shall do a wee bit distance healing on you. (Reiki can be sent in absentia).

    However this can only be done with your permission. Tis unethical otherwise :o)
  • Go for it Goldie...reiki...vodoo dolls...anything!
  • <<<<shudders at mention of Voodoo Dolls coz they is used for badness>>>

    (H'okay. Shall give you a wee blast tonight and for the next two nights :o)
  • Ta Goldie
  • No probs


    Now take it easy and quit worrying.

    <<<<hands over ice pack for calf and chai latte for tastebuds>>>>>>
  • Croc - could try physio or someone who can do some acupuncture on it to help release the muscle ... worked for me when I had really bad calf cramping!
  • cheers Stumpy

    Me physio is useless and I can not see him on time for the races but acunpuncture is something that I will bear in mind if this becomes a regular problem.

    How you keeping?
  • well I can walk a wee bit better today but still not normal and very slow. If I try to go to fast it threatens to cramp again.
    Hopefully tomorrow will be better. I am still turning up to the race and will make the final decision during the warm up
  • try to go to fast = try to go too fast
  • tee hee hee

    nah that is just me needing to have me lunch
  • popsiderpopsider ✭✭✭
    Is it a club evening 10 croc? Have you done it before - what sort of time are you looking at ?
  • me first time Popsider. The Wednesday eve one is a memorial ride organised by a member for the Glasgow Wheelers. Saturday morning is organised by Inverclyde velo.
    I am not with a club at the moment. My best time has been 30.14 but I never manage to do that again, I have been getting 31mns on a good day (with both legs working ok!)....suppose that given the fact that less than a year ago I could not even indicate on the bike, anything I do is a bonus...still I hope I will not be above 33mns with me calf problem (I did 33msn 15secs when the calf cramp happened)
  • Hey Croc ... I'm doing ok, just got a wee achilles strain which has put a damper on my trainer, but hey, running and ijuries go hand-in-hand, eh?

    How'd the time trials go?
    Did the hairy coo take part too?
  • popsiderpopsider ✭✭✭
    Yep how did it go Croc ?
  • 2T did great: below 26 mns eventhough he had been training for long distance ironman and not for 10TT.
    Very strong head wind....I wanted to bin it in the first half and felt better to hear that many felt the same due to the strong winds. The left calf held it together. 5 riders went past me and I was the slowest of the evening without a doubt. I did 31mns 48secs...not chuffed but everybody is saying that given the fact that I have only been cycling 11 months (well since I was 12 years old) and these guys have proper time trial machines, it is not a bad start....the pain is ugly though....
    I managed to fall after the race at 0 mph....tee hee hee so now right knee is hurting because of internal bruising!!
    tee hee hee

    one more to go: saturday 8 am
  • the organiser just emailed me. Given the wind everybody was behind their best time. The strongest riders were 1mns 30 behind and the weakest riders were 3 minutes behind so that is encouraging
  • You will never believe this! Saturday’s race is cancelled due to the council deciding to cut the grass that morning on the side of the dual carriage-way (they knew about the race) and therefore they are closing a lane….a bit daft and surreal….oh well long lie in bed then!

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