after 7 variably enjoyable years with my current employer I am leaving at the end of this week to go to a new sparkly job...

so far this morning I have deleted just over 5000 emails, with a potential 10,000 to go (I'm not very good at throwing things away!)... so once I have done that what should I do next!?!?

My main handover meeting is this afternoon, so after that I am guessing that my work world is my oyster...!!


  • Gardening leave.
  • or sherpa prep leave?
  • 4 days to work after your handover!!

    This is what the internet was invented for!!!

    And long 'business' lunches in the pub

    and coffee meetings preparing for your 'business' lunches

    and so on....

    Or just bunk off and get some good mileage in!
  • Inevitably you'll be stealing some rather handsome cardboard cut outs of 'celebrities', non?
  • Everyone needs a life sized cut-out of Lisa Mafia.
  • I tried for the gardening leave bit but they made me work my notice... it has been a long month!!

    I have lunches booked in every day this week, and am planning on an early finish tomorrow to fit in some extra training... but I still have to come in each day so... what can i do to wind my colleagues up (aparently singing to the radio is just not cutting it!!)
  • sing to your colleagues?

    Although I'd say that I'd find someone singing to a radio pretty off putting.
  • Start rapping. Everything you say to them from now on, MUST be rapped.

    "My name is Spans, I've got big hands, that don't mean I'm a bloke... Aw shit I'm gonna choke"
  • pix - I work in media... what ever I wear is acceptable!!

    I like the idea of cardboard cut outs though... hmmm I wonder where I can find some?!

    oh and I underestimated the number of emails... I am now up to 25,000!!!
  • maybe you could tell them all about your heroine Ms Aide?
  • nice earings!!!
  • Gizza job I could do that...
  • WombleWomble ✭✭✭
    Definitely make sure you keep a copy of your 'contacts'.
  • S'ok she has my phone number K ;-)
  • Whatever you do, don't write a virus as that's criminal.

    But you could sell all the office stationary on ebay.

    Make sure that you denude your work place well in advance of your departure, they could be fussy on the last day, so make sure that all the decent stuff has long gone by then. Such as that nice chair, oil painting, refrigerator, and potted plant.

    Don't forget to put chewing gum under the desk of the person who helped you decide to leave.

    And finally. This one is courtesy of someone who was part of a mass sacking of an IT department, but missed the "important meeting". Park the Company car in the short term car park at Heathrow, and send the car keys by second class post. Obviously without the ticket, or bay number.
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