Energy/Recovery Drinks

just wondering what people use for their training. im wondering if i should splash out some cash on them, but not sure if i actually need them.

My Current training involved 3 runs (of 30-40 mins at the mo, will be increasing) 2 spin classes of an hour each,2 gym sessions of an hour, and also 3 swims of around an hour.

I have been looking at the SiS drinks and was thinking about gettin the psp22 and the rego recovery drink. What are your views?


  • If you have an Asda near you use there own brand it is cheaper and just as good.
  • If you really are a Fattyonadiet, they're extra sugar calories that you don't need.
  • Would absolutely agree with Vrap - for the length of time you're exercising, you really don't need that extra fuel, especially if you're looking to lose weight.
    I don't take anything extra until I'm running for 2 hours + - and even then I take water and some energy sweets just in case.

    If you feel you need a 'recovery' drink to stop you eating everything in sight after training (some people do!), then chocolate milk is a great one - and much cheaper than the official sports stuff. Slimfast also works (yep - is basically the same composition!). But again, you probably at the moment don't really need anything other than a normal balanced diet.

    I managed to gain weight when I started running by thinking I needed extra fuel for running 3-4 hours per week. Nope - not necessary:-)
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