Althetics club for 8 year old ?

Does any one have any connections with athletics clubs for juniors in this area?
My friend's son is a great runner and would benefit from a bit of training and guidance.

Any help would be gratefully received.



  • Green EyesGreen Eyes ✭✭✭
    Epsom and Ewell Harriers have juniors but I think it may be from age 10 and there is a waiting list. Both my girls are on their waiting list my youngest being 9. Why not email them

  • Hi Green eyes.

    I was thinking about the epsom and ewell harriers. I'll pass their web site on to my friend.

    I went to my 8 year old daughters sports day today and to say she is NOT a runner is a severe understatement :-)

    Ah well, my son seems to becoming a bit sporty so I'll have a traing partner there in a few years.
  • Green EyesGreen Eyes ✭✭✭
    My 9 year old daughter did the Claygate 5 with me on Sunday. I was soo proud of her cos she's only ever run a mile or so before. We came in in about 58 mins and I think there may have been Allsorts behind us as well. I was one dead chuffed mum I can tell you:-)
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