Physio needed in SW18

Anyone know a god physio in SW18 London (suspected bout of ITBS on the knees!!)


  • This is a website that helps people locate chartered physio's in their area.
  • JezJez ✭✭✭
    If you haven't tracked one down yet, I can recommend my physio who is Alex Hill at Simone Olds Associates, 'phone number 020 8788 2471. They are actually in SW15 at the top of Dover House Road (although moving in a couple of weeks to junction of Upper Richmond Road and West Hill). She's an Aussie who seems to know what she's talking about, and knows that not running is the last resort. She's keeping me in one piece for the marathon.

  • Jez

    I found a physio but thanks for the help - mine also seems to have the correct idea in that not training is the last resort. Is your physio having you run through the injury? Mine has basically told me to 'take the pain' in moderation.
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