advice from forum docs please?is this sleep apnea ?

My other half complains that i wake him up in the night.

Its not so much my snoring that only happens if i lie on my back and stops if i roll on to my side, but he reckons i breathe noisily, and that sometimes its like i've held my breath and then i breathe out my mouth loudly. It has caused problems sometimes when we haven't got a proper nights sleep due to my noises and then him waking me up.

I'd read about sleep apnea which sounds similar but usually it wakes the person up which doesn't seem to happen with me(the only think that wakes me up is the other half telling me to stop snoring), i think i sleep pretty well and can only remember a few times when i've woken myself up breathing out like that, these times its just been when i've been just drifting off to sleep.

Also i seem to get more complaints when i've got a cold or often if i've been out for a good run in the cold that day. I tend to have a bit of a stuffy nose in the mornings and quite alot of the time.
If it is sleep apnea is there anything that can be done about it ? I heard that being overweight can cause it, i'm 30 year old 5ft 8.5 inches, just under 13 stone (which is probably about at least a stone too heavy), is that enough overweight to make a difference ?
Any advice from forum docs or anyone else who's had similar problems.


  • hey, have a look at this page which may give you some helpful advice.


  • Mags, it's more likely to be a thickened lining of your nose than true obstructive sleep apnoea - the latter tends to affect children with big tonsils and adenoids, and very overweight men. It also leads to you feeling exhausted in the day.

    Best to see your own GP for a proper examination.
  • mags2

    My wife battered me for years about my snoring. I was about 15 3/4 stone then and have since gone down to 12 3/4 stone and the snoring has stopped. I don't know much about sleep disorders but you dont sound very overweight.

    Have you got enlarged tonsills? - this can cause snoring
  • I have a similar problem and but mine is a deviated septum, which means that the passage in your nose is a bit bent and gets inflamed. This means that the sinuses never drain properly and I don't breath well at night (I have to lie on one side). Doctor can give you steroid nasal spray that takes the inflamation down and then you can breath properly at night and will not disturb your long suffering partner. The spray made me realise how much trouble I had been having breathing. You can also get surgery which I'm waiting for at the moment; can't wait and nor can my boyfriend! You might have a similar inflamation of the nasal passages?
  • mags, you have to be PROPERLY overweight with chronic lung disease for this problem
    i doubt you have it
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