First race since starting running again

I did my first race since starting back running last night the Swansea Harriers 5k.

I really really enjoyed it, I started at the back for the sole reason that I'm quite short so I couldn't see I was at the back until I looked behind me and realised there was just a few people there.

But it was great fun making my way through in the first half and at the turnaround I felt really good so just went for it.

My best in training is 23.19 and I didn't think I'd get near that as it was quite busy at the start.

So when I approached the finishing clock and saw 22 something I had a frantic last dash and just made it under 23 in 22.55, so I'm really chuffed and can't wait for the next one now.

Just a quick question though anyone know what the cat number is on the result sheet ? As my wife has one next to her name and I don't so we're just curious as to what it is .



  • Cat = category

    Results are often listed in the whole race AND within your age/gender group

    M55 = men over 55
    F = Senior Women (under 35)etc. etc.

    In a race you are really only racing people in your category
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