went out last night for a short run and fell down a pothole, anyone got any good suggestions for a sprainked ankle, apart from the usual ibuprofen gels/tablets, sat with bag of frozen veg on it for a while but still very bruised and swollen, in training for flm so need to get back out on road asap.thanks


  • I'm not a medical person but I think that old fashioned rest and recouperation is what you need. If you want to keep the cardiovascular conditioning you earned from your training, it may be possible to swim for a bit without injuring the ankle.

    Keep icing it too - I've just discovered the magical powers of ice and am very impressed. I've stopped short of the Paula Radcliffe ice baths after the long run though!
  • sounds like you're doing all the right things already.
    Remember to do proprioception exercises as soon as you're able. Pulling your toes up towards you,pushing them away, and circling the foot. This will help you regain full function without instability.
    See for more details on exercises.
    If it's a nasty sprain then a physio may give you a wobble board to use.
    good luck
  • donna I sprained my ankle doing xcountry last year I didn't give it enough time to mend. As a consequence I have a weak ankle too much elasticity in the ligaments. My physio has given me a series of ankle stretches to get strength back. I find a Boots ankle support £5.50 very heplful. You could afford to miss a week or so and catch up.When you go back try soft surfaces

    Good Luck Paul
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