Help me find a Sports Fizzio

My GP has given me enough NSAID's for my Trochanteric Bursitis now and its time I decided to see a professional!! I've had 2 months off and I still can't run and have no idea how to get back on my feet and prevent it reoccurring when I do! There are plenty of private physios in my area but I don't want to waste time finding a good one if anyone on here has any strong recommendations....

I'd be dead grateful of any advice xx


  • Try Therapeutics in Southampton - or Go Physio at the David Lloyd in Southampton
  • Thanks for that.

    Have any of you actually tried any of these or know anyone who has tried them??

    Thats the one I used FF, they are just outside of Portsmouth.
  • Another vote for grosvenor physio..
    They're in Denmead. Did wonders for my dodgey ankle and my partners back
  • They sorted out my trochantric bursitis, my neck, back and gave me the exercises for my shoulder. So with Mrs T's ankle and partners back they have covered just about everything :o)
  • Excellent! Grosvenor physio it is then!!! Just out of interest IBM, how long did it take for you to get rid of the bursitis? Did they fix it quite quickly? I'm on week nine now and just about hobbled a mile yesterday for the first time....just need a light at the end of the tunnel :(

    Will get onto them asap.

    Thanks loads!
  • It depends how religiously you do the exercises they set FF, I could feel a marked difference within a couple of days of the first appointment. According to my GP it is the walking/running distances that causes it, so technically it will never really be cured, but Grosvenor took me from not being able to walk to the front door without crying to doing what I want with the minimum of discomfort. They went through all the exercises with me and then I did them again as soon as I got home so that I didnt look at the sheet the following day and think what????????
    I did a 5k recently, first run since Jan 8th, the only thing that stopped me r*nning all the way was the heat.
    Hope all goes well for you :o)
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