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I need to get a new pair of shoes soon because my Asics Gel-1100's are worn down on the outside heel.

I was looking at the Nike + selection because I already own an iPod Nano and liked the idea of connecting the shoes to it. The only problem is that I do not know whether any of the Nike + shoes would be a suitable replacement for the Asics Gel-1100.

Any help would be great.


  • I think the Nike+ stuff is so new that noones really tried it yet. I suspect there'll be a mixed response because it's a bit gimicky. Although given that - I WANT ALL OF IT. Even the £45 t-shirt. Gulp.
  • This brings a new meaning to the term "hacking"... how many will be attacking the midsoles of their running shoes with a craft knife?!!

    Think I'll be sticking with my Polar - the thought of Paula Radcliffe speaking to me after every run might drastically curtail my training...
  • lol.... you'll get mugged for your trainers :-)

    or possibly they'll turn you upside down and hack it out as per the above...

    suckers the lot of you ;-)
  • Seems a bit gimmicky to me.
  • Yeh, probably is a bit gimmicky but I have the iPod + need a new pair of shoes anyway and £20 for the adapter isn't that much.

    Now I am probably looking at the Adidas AdiStar Control or Mizuno Wave Nirvana 2 or possibly an Asics option.
  • At the moment all of the Nike+ shoes are neutral cushioned, so there is no direct 1100 equivalent.
  • Thought they would be a lot more than the £25 (inc del)! Snapped one up immediately. Cant wait for this to arrive - will post back with my findings when i get it!

    Plan on using these with my Asics (either under the laces or tucked in my sock?

    Some nice pics here:
  • A question for anyone who has used the Nike+ gadget... I would like to monitor my distance, times etc.. but don't like running with music on. Can the iPod nano & Nike+ gadget be used easy enough WITHOUT having headphones on ?
  • Yes, when you select your run the Nano allows you to select a Playlist, other songs or no music.

    I'm like you, I don't like running with music in my ears. Very good tool and would recommend it to anyone.
  • if you want a neutral shoe to use with nike+ its the pegasus. if you want support its the structure triax (my fav!) and if you want motion control for real over pronation its the equalon. i personally cant wait for the zoom elite to come on in the next few weeks cos it is light but has some support too - its my baby!
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