I often get to a point where my stamina, fitness and speed etc is looking good (for me), then for whatever reason don't run again for a few weeks, not necasserily taking myself back to square one, but certainly not building on the gains I have made.

I don't race, just run for the health/fun aspect!

What d'ya reckon I should do to keep myself going?


  • Try running different routes so you dont get bored with them.

    Set yourself goals, not for racing but for your enjoyment.

    Do other sports as well, swimming biking, kayaking, etc

    some people i think can just run and run and still love it and never get bored. I like to do different things so that when it comes to my run i really look forward to it.
  • enter a run maybe a 10k, so you have a reason to keep training? that helps me. I'd stop otherwise as I'm lazy!
  • What are you a man or a shirt button? Use some initiative - join a club and participate regularly in club nights - have a goal and aim for it.
  • "participate regularly in club nights "

    Young family means that's impossible.

    Thanks for your suggestions all the same!
  • Entering a race is what motivates most of us.- Racing is fun rather than truely competitive for most of us.-
    It does sound like you stop when you reach a "goal" level.- So planning the goal after this one would give you some continuity.
  • Enter a race. They're fun and give you something to aim for. Unless you're speedier than you're letting on you won't be worrying the leaders but you can enjoy racing the people around you and feel the sense of achievement when you finish.
  • Just get out there and run - get into the habit, and don't make it optional. Run to/from work so you have to run to get from A to B?
    Don't blame the family for not being able to do stuff - lots of peeps on here manage to work round it (although must admit don't have that problem myself, so very easy for me to say!). If you really want to run, you'll find a way.

    But if you keep giving up and can't get properly into it for long periods...maybe running isn't the sport for you and you should fine something you can really get into?

    <TT scurries off before the lynching starts>
  • No lynching mate and I take your point to a degree, but "don't make it optional" ?

    To me its fun when I go, but sometimes I just don't want to, or find excuses not too, such as being lazy!

    Wouldn't say you are too far out re:not being my sport but as a retired amateur footy player living near ther coast I have good facilities and it is the best way to stay in some sort of shape, I just need that pickmeup every couple of weeks!

  • Take up something sensible like golf or airhockey. Running's a fool's game. So very very silly.
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    GL - just think how many years longer you will have with your kids, and how much fitter you will be for playing with your grandchildren, if you keep yourself in shape over the coming years.

    In saying that, a good brisk walk with a buggy full of toddler is pretty good exercise too.......
  • Yeah the bog standard 'plod' is great fun, and doing what I the thing is I just sort of get to a point where I subconsciously think

    'right thats it for now'

    I might have a looksee at a race and see if that spurs me on in my week of need!

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