Las Vegas

I'm off to vegas for the marathon in december, and not seen a thread for this yet, surely i'm not gonna be alone, anyone out there doing it.


  • would love to do the half but have to save up first! definitely want to hear about it tho :o)
  • get yourself booked in, both races start at 6am !!!!!!!! the half looks to be a long loop of the "strip"
  • A half in vegas sounds great!! But I doubt Ill have the money. Worth thinking about though.
  • I've signed up for the half. Staying at the MGM Grand - already getting excited!
  • i'm flying out on the friday staying till wednesday, at the luxor.
  • My trip is Thursday to Wednesday - so plenty of time to lose all my money gambling (assuming I find some between now and then :)

    Looks like the HM course will be a slight downhill first half, uphill second - so not ideal for a superquick time, but should get a nice 10km split, and the hills are very shallow.
  • i did Disney half in January this year which also had a 6am start which wasn't so bad but you had to be at the start for 4am!! which was nothing short of a nightmare. would definitely recommend a couple of practice goes at getting up for a run in the middle of the night and also eating which i found really hard at that time of night.

    have pencilled this one or Barbados in for 2007 - muchly saving to be done in either case :o)
  • mmmm barbados........i did toy with idea of doing reggae marathon..jamaica, but its vegas now
  • or have just discovered there's a hawaii marathon and half... :o)
  • MoaT - think that's next year's holiday sorted then!
  • think i've pretty much sorted running destinations as holidays for at least the next 5 years if i win the lottery, find someone to come with me and get round to doing some regular training :o)
  • Also running the LV full marathon. Signed up for a five day trip with a group of twelve from cancer charity in Preston,great deal only halve to raise £1200 and the trip is free, paying the charity anyway, wife's going to walk the half.
  • glad to have you aboard bugsy, didn't you and your mates use to own the town
  • now then, how did you all get on?

    this has been moved up to first choice of foreign race for 2007 so can someone tell me how you went about entering please?

  • I finished in 6th place (great) but 76:28 (not so great). First half was brilliant - easing a wind assisted 10km pb (ignoring the strangely placed mile markers and using my GPS). However at the half way point, I parted from the lead marathon runners and didn't see another runner from then on.

    The second half was both dull and extrememly windy. At some points the sand was blowing up and I could barely see.

    A bit of bad luck with the conditions - the few days before were really good - bright sunshine and almost windless. You'll find lots of other reports here.

    Great city though - I'll go back again. Entry is via Alternatively you buy a package from - a company I have used before and can recommend - but on this occasion I needed to spend some airmiles so it made sense to book myself.
  • 6th - wow, i'm not worthy!!!

    i've looked at the 2:09 package and thought it was quite expensive and got myself confused with the official website til i read the small print that said it wasn't going live for 2007 until next week...

    thanks for the link to the reports :o)
  • Tortoise,

    I had a great time in LV with my first marathon, 5.32.00. Got round without much trouble having done no training at all. Mandalay Bay Resort, Expo, Start/Finish all on one site, brilliant. Travelled with old Ron (of Blackpool Marathon) who organised a party from the charity Rosemere Cancer he works for at Royal Preston Hospital. 4 nights, raised £1200 sponsorship so went for free (£750 quid for the wife), excellent. Already signed up for 2007 (only doing half this time) on a 5 nigh trip, Ron organised a great trip and in 2007 has included a post event dinner/Vegas Tour. I am Running the GNW Half and Blackpool Marathon to raise funds for Rosemere again, give Ron a call
  • thanks for the info Bugsy, i'll definitely include that in my research :o)

    (but us back of the field peeps don't much like people who can do 5:39 off no training!!!)
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