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  • INSPIRE Running Club - Race Details

    Mike – Trentham 10mile – 23rd July
    Beaker – Chicks Chase, MK – 5k – 27th July
    Happy – 26th Wedding Day Race, Bushy Park – 7k – 28th July
    Daniel - Plymouth Aquathon, 500m sea swim, 5k run – 19th Aug
    Dingus, Peterhead - Peterhead 10k - 27th Aug.
    LE & Hubby – Overton – 5 mile – 2nd Sept
    Hotfeet – Women’s Hydroactive Challenge, Hyde Park – 5K – 3rd Sept
    Bourne – Women’s Hydroactive Challenge, Hyde Park – 5K – 3rd Sept
    Emmilou – Yorkshireman Half Mara – 13.1 miles – 5th Sept
    Allien - Jelly Tea Run - 10 miles - 10th Sept
    Mike H - Lichfield 10K - 10th Sept
    Em, Forest Of Dean - Badminton 10k - 17th Sept
    Siân & Mykey – Neath Port Talbot Cancer Challenge – 5k – 17th Sept
    Uk Yankee Singleton, Kent - Faversham 10k -17th Sept
    Rob (Treiziste) – Cancer Research race – 10k – 17th Sept
    Ice Queen – Swansea Bay – 10k – 24th Sept
    Matilda – Swansea Bay – 10k – 24th Sept
    Dingus, Peterhead – GNR - 13.1 miles - 1st Oct
    Corinthian – GNR – 13.1miles – 1st Oct
    Morgs – GNR – 13.1 miles – 1st Oct
    Bourne – RunLondon – 10k – 8th Oct
    Rob – Great Cumbrian Run – 13.1 miles – 15th Oct
    Bourne – Leeds Castle, Cancer Research – 10k – 15th Oct
    Minardi – GER – 13.1 miles – 15h Oct
    Matilda – Cardiff Half Mara – 13.1 miles – 15th Oct
    LE – GSR - 10miles - 22nd Oct
    Little Tiger – Weston Park, Cancer Research – 10k – 22nd Oct
    Happy – New York Marathon – 26.2miles – 5th Nov
    INSPIRE Ladies – Dingus’ 5K Kilt run, TBA

    If you would like your upcoming race details posted please just post the request giving where it is, date of run, length of run – cheers

    Best Pages to Check if you’re new to this thread

    A ‘must’ for all newbies to the thread – lots of inspiration – Pages 1 and 2
    Corinthian – another inspiring story – Page 4
    More INSPIRing stories – Pages 9 & 10 and more .. Pages 12 & 13
    (in fact, if you have time trawl the whole first 14 pages!!! Check out any long post!)

    Take a look at our old thread for more inspiration …. Old Thread

    DingusOTHEmandbelleMykeyPlodfatherUK YankeeDaniel’s PhotosLE’s PhotosAllien’s Photos

    It is never too late to join our club … everyone is very welcome .. so come on in and chat :-)
  • Bloody hell! Can I join?
    This only started today, right?
    Fantastic to meet all these new people - won't list hello's to everyone because I'm bound to miss someone out so...


    Haven't been out today as it's been our school play and didn't get in until late but there's talk of a game of badminton before tomorrow's performance so we'll see if that happens!

    Looking at races now - seen a couple of 5ks that look tempting but I have to make sure I'm ready for that! Will let you know, OTH.

    Strangely enough I'd also been thinking about an INSPIRE club T-shirt/top. Great idea and some good designs so far.

    Saturday is also CARAVAN SHOPPING DAY!!! Rumour has it that there are some compulsive buyers amongst our membership - could be me...
  • Crikey - How long is that race list???
  • Hi Plod ... if you get the caravan you absolutely must come park it somewhere between Em and me so we can meet up and say hello !!!

    LOL .. yes, the list gets longer by the minute Plod .. it'll soon need it's own thread :-)
  • There's an offer you don't get every day!!!

    Anybody heard of, or done, the Cabbage Canter??? (Check out EVENTS if you think I'm making it up!) It might be my next one...
  • Glad to see you over here Cerelia, in my opinion walking is very good for us!

    Welcome PP and Normster, this is just the first day proper so you are early rather than late, nice to meet you :-)

    Kwilter Good luck with the doctor tomorrow, maybe he can refer you to a physio? I agree with OTH (wouldn't I?) and suggest you don't aggravate the pain. I had a very painful week after my gait analysis in Exeter because I ran barefoot on the treadmill. However, I did not run at all that week and when I put on my new shoes for my next run all was fine. The new shoes have been great actually, just don't feel I have been running afterwards. Where do you go to in Plymouth?

    Sian and Mike, Hope you are both doing okay, I understand it is very difficult.

    Night all!
  • Glad to see you Plodfather. Now really must be off, says she yawning.
    Caravanning can be lethal if done by the Top Gear gang!
  • Night Misty :-)
  • Hey coming here on your hols mate??? s'lovely here!!!

    hi misty!

    Sian, Mykey. lots of love to you and your family again. thinking of you.

    good run Fred :-)

    Allie...fancy a run on the Saturday am. of the GNR? I just booked us in for an extra night. We arrive on the Friday now.
  • Hi Folks,

    It's been really nice to read peoples success stories. I've been posting on the GNR thread for a while now, but I thought it would be nice to share my tale here too :)

    I'm 34 and now just about down to my target weight having lost 102 pounds (a little over 7 stone).

    When I was a kid I was a canny cross country runner, but it all started when I left school, I'd failed my A levels, had no job skills, and ended up in a relationship with a guy with major depression problems which I could do nothing to help. I ate my way from a fit size 12/14 to a size 20 over the course of about 2 years. By the time I was 22 I felt out of breath walking upstairs and I was being emotionally drained by my other half.

    I enrolled at the local college at the behest of the job centre to try and sort out my work skills situation. I went on to university and by the time I left I'd grown to a size 24 - through a diet of take away every night and a total lack of exercise.

    By this point my other half hadn't worked in fifteen years and showed no signs of ever wanting to, he now seemed very comfortable collecting his money from the post office and spending the whole week sitting playing games. Despite my best efforts to help him I couldn’t, this was really frustrating - I'd worked on my complete lack of confidence, but did it nothing, or perhaps worsened, our relationship - which had become nothing more than a friendship as we both hit the morbidly obese stakes.

    I was now 29 and my OH spent the majority of his time in chat rooms talking to younger slim girls from the states. I signed up for a few online games and met some great friends, one of which I decided to get to know a bit better. He asked me a simple question 'What ONE thing would you change about your life?' It was a pretty easy answer that I would like to lose some weight.

    He said he'd help me out (online - since we lived 300 miles from each other), and suggested starting with some walking and swimming - since my knees were struggling under my bulk. He also told me to cut out the junk food, which was quite difficult since all of my friends and other half ate junk food every night. I persevered and the weight started to drop off.

    What started out as a friendship became something more than that, and two years after meeting online, we met in real life, hit it off, and fell in love. My friends (or people i thought were friends) constantly tried to sabotage my dieting efforts - I don't know if this is the case with everyone, but people get used to seeing you at a certain size and they dont like it if you change. I kept getting the 'your losing too much weight' comments from them, but i stuck to my guns and started running.
  • I moved in with Andy and all of my friends stopped talking to me - just like that, it was all very surreal - one day they were there and the next thing they'd gone. I was happy for the first time in over a decade and they just didn’t want to know.

    Now running, and I really started to notice a massive difference in my fitness. At first I managed to run a mile in 13 or 14 minutes, but I seemed to improve in leaps and bounds, and then Andy suggested I join my local running club. I was terrified, but I went along and everyone was really friendly. I started training with them a couple of nights a week and then entered my first race - Newcastle Sunshine 5k in 2005. Now I'm running 5 or 6 times a week, and I'm doing the GNR for the first time this year.

    Meeting Andy and starting to run are the two most important things I've done. We got married in June, and I came third in the Newcastle Sunshine 5k this year. I've gone from size 24 to 10 over the course of the last 3 years and I feel fantastic.

    Sorry for the long post, but its really nice to get this stuff off my chest. Hope someone will find it an inspiration - like I know the other stories have.

    before and after piccies on my webbie:
  • Good day,

    My name is Steve, I live near Dover in Kent.

    There is nothing special about me, other than the fact that I gave up smoking 4 months ago and became a runner.

    I don't know why i waited until 41 years old to take up running because I really do enjoy it.

    I have yet to work out why I run though? I have completed about 30 runs, ranging from 3 miles to 8 miles. I bought myself a Garmin Forerunner so that I can keep tabs on times, distances and certain other stats. It is a fantastic piece of kit. I find that I can comfortably run at 9:20 per mile pace for 4 miles or so before I have to stop for a bit of a breather.

    Last night I ran my best average time, 3.43 miles at 8:48 pace. And it was bloody hot !

    I really do not like running uphill but make myself do it and it is becoming a little bit easier. I might go in for some races soon, probably 10k - anyone have any opinions on what a decent race time would be?
  • HappychapHappychap ✭✭✭
    Morning All

    Welcome Vicki - what a fab story :-) and congratulations, so many achievements

    Dingus - great time mate, the 'Struggled at 19 miles' made me smile, when I did FLM I struggled FOR 19 miles

    Purple Penguin - which tri have you been talked into? Is it your first? Be careful they can be addictive. I've got Concorde coming up on 20th August.

    Big Dave - love the design

    Kwilter - good luck at the Docs today

    Have a great day everyone :-)
  • HappychapHappychap ✭✭✭
    Hi Steve

    Running makes you special. Top 1% of the population :-)

    8.48 pace is brilliant and remember 'hills are friends'

  • HappychapHappychap ✭✭✭
    Sorry, last post

    Steve with 8.48 pace over three miles a realistic time to aim for initially will be sub 55 min 10K for a reasonably flat course.

    There are loads of great races out there
  • Hi Vicki,

    What a great story, glad you've joined us!

    hi to steve too!

  • Good morning everyone.

    No run for me today as I'm having a 24 hour ECG tape removed.

    Some very inspirational stuff on this thread.

    You are a very determined lady Vicki T. (and you look fantastic on your wedding pics)

    Well done on listening to your internal voice and taking no notice to the 'friends' who tried to halt your efforts.

    Determination to keep going when it becomes difficult is so important, I think this is why this thread is fantastic and I intend to re-read some of these posts when my determination and confidence is at a low ebb

    Have a great day runners
  • morning all i would get put quick its going to be a scorcher!

    did my speed session this morning, supposed to be 5 x 1k in 5.45 and 90s rest but i did 3, i didnt want to push it and will build up to 5.

    have a good day, i have to go to school to coach some little terrors!
  • Good runninh already Dan! i did that with my sessions. only I took 3min rests. What kph is that speed? too early for maths for me.

    It's a good day to be not running Corinthian methinks if you're gonna have, hot, hot!!! You don't really want to be wired in for sound to your monitor either though I'm thinking?
  • Emandbelle, as I look out of my window all I can see is white... I live on the coast and there is a wonderfully cooling sea fret and i'm itching to put the trainers on; very welcome after a sticky night

    To all those who are contemplating a run today... one word of advice

  • Steve there are some interesting pace/race time calculaters on this site

    sorry can't do links - I only work in IT!

    Vicki - respect

    Its 18.8 in the shade here and I've not been out yet - must get off my lardy ass and go soon!
  • em im unsure how would i work that out
  • ah ha, its 10.43 km per hour or 6.47miles per hour. im aiming for 28min 5k for my aquathon so its for that, may get faster depends on how i get on in the next few weeks.
  • that's fast!
    great going Dan.

    Sounds like your place is where to be today Corinthian. We're a bit landlocked here. My little one has a school trip today to the grounds of a castle...I'm not keen on her going really. She gets prickly heat, and I just know I'm gonna have fun with her when she gets back.
  • thanx folks :)

    No running for me this morning - doing Sunderland 5k tonight - hopefully it'll have cooled down a bit by then, but i can't see it happening
  • Hi guys.
    Many thanks for all the kind thoughts for yesterday. I'll let Siân do a full account of events when she logs on.
    I cannot believe how fast this thread has grown. Fantastic! :)
    Love the idea of the t-shirts. I did see a thread a while a go that had a chap able to print on technical t-shirts but I'm not sure of costs. I'll go find it...
    I hope work doesn't interfere too much with keeping up with teh trhead today...
  • Morning all.

    Hi to Vicky, Steve and Kwilter.

    Vicky, I did the Sunshine run this year for the first time. I came 235th. Still, plenty room for improvement.

    Have a nice day everyone, whatever you're up to.
  • Happychap & overthehill (for the list) - the tri I've enlisted for is in Roade on 24th September!

    Fattyonadiet - when's your aquathlon - I did the st albans one a few weeks back and loved it!

    Now off to browse this months magazine for some tips on what I should be doing to get started!
  • Found a link to a company that prints on tech t-shirts:
    cool t-shirts
    It was from 04 so not sure if they still do it...
  • Morning all. Good run along the sea-front last night, despite having to dodge loads of holiday peeps, dogs on leads etc etc! Still at run/walk stage, but being off the cigs,even for this short time, is definitely having a positive effect!

    Another good route measuring website is www, the pedometer link on the front page and just drag over from the US.Then zoom in to your particular locality. Its very accurate too. Not running today, but lots of stretching!
    Have a good day, y'all
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