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  • Corinthian - I've highlighted your story for the Bring Forward list - it is inspirational ... hope you will keep us updated on your progress. I get really litlle AF's for just a few mins at a time and I hate the sensation .. how on earth do you cope! Good on you (and Mart) for not giving in to it.
  • that was replying to a post way back near the top of the page!!! (not like me not to be able to keep up!!!)

  • HappychapHappychap ✭✭✭
    Tee-shirts sound like a good idea

    Just pondering - there are a few people on here who have lower back problems.

    Been to see Doc, fizz, osteo, podiatrist and ultimately they all say the same thing...core strength. So looking for yoga and pilates classes at mo.

    But in the meantime between crunches - what pain management works for you? I have tried normal massages and stretching and stuff but had acupuncture last week which seems to have worked better than the other stuff. Managed to cycle and run without pain killers since - although I'm a bit sore this morning.

    So, what works for you?
  • Hi Mij ... thanks for joining us :-) We've met on your thread in the past. You have really come on - well done mate! When you decide which race to enter let us know and it'll be added to the list. And good on you for deciding to get fitter - keep your eye on me please as I 'slip' sometimes - you're reasons for doing this are close to mine and perhaps you can chivvy me along :-)
  • Check this out...

    This one is more expensive, but you can have a back design too...

    Here is a womens shirt...

    Looks like you just upload your images online. They come in big sizes too, which is good for me!!!

    Prices are in US dollars. Not sure how much the postage would be, but I have bought stuff from the USA on Ebay before and it hasnt been too bad then.
  • think i need some core strength exercises too - had 4 caesarians so bottom stomach muscles shot to pieces! definitely my lower back that feels it on long runs - is pilates the best or yoga??
  • I dont really do anything to get rid of the back pain, it tends to go fairly quickly when I stop running. It can make me a bit stiff, so I am placing more emphasis on proper stretching (thanks to all who commentd on this).

    I would love to try Pilates when I get the time, though.
  • Happy ... learning the warning signs and acting on them to prevent flare-ups! Proper exercising like you mention, but also 'slowing down' when the signs tell me to and taking it easier until the signs go away. Very much a mind game with the body ... knowing when I can and can't push it! Lots of other stuff - went on a 'Pain Management' Course at our local hospital which turned my life around!
  • Hi all,

    Can I join in?

    I'll pen a profile and post it up
  • hello...of course you can. :-)
  • Message for Siân and Mykey...

    Love to you guys and your family these couple of days especially.

  • Ref: Bring forward list

    If I've missed anyone off the races .. or, as time goes on, if you think I should be including certain pages on the 'read this' section that I haven't, please let me know :-)

    Back to Pain Management ... if I don't catch a 'flare-up' in time I will take painkillers regularly throughout the day for several days, gradually weening myself off them again, so that I can continue in a fairly normal way (albeit slowed down and taking it easier) and not get myself into a state because the pain is clouding my thinking etc. Constant pain can be soo debilitating and depressing. It also makes me irritable, snappy and demotivated. The painkiller thing (recommended by the Pain Management Team) stops all this happening. I know some people prefer not to take drugs, but it really can make the difference for me between laying around all day in agony and misery or gentle walks, a little bit of work and a happier disposition. :-)
  • Welcome Treiziste ... glad to have you on board :-)
  • Stu - my wife started at 18st+, her brisk walking regime along with WW diet plan and plenty of fruit and veg etc has seen her lose a steady 1 -2 lb a week , a stone gone already , but better than that is the toning - she lacks ""size"" now and everyone comments . In the past losing a stone would have been obvious only to me but the amount of bulk she has lost through the toning makes it look like she has lost three stone. She won't run a step till Oct/Nov , she'll need to lose more wieght and gain yet more crucial fitness from the 70 minute walks we now embark on as well as cycling and the gym. The risk to joints etc frtom running is great so this excercise now will reap benefits I'm sure.

    Sadly she is embarrased about running but in a few months she'll be able to get a sports bra that will fit better than a larger one would now plus she'll be able to cope with the running better and not feel like she is making a ( her perception) fool of herself . She''l be more toned and ready to run - then we'll do a run/walk programme to take her to the 10K race she wants to do in April.

    Stick with it but be careful and give it time.
  • Hi All

    Thanks for the welcomes :0)

    Can't remember who asked - but the womens hydroactive challenge is 5K (this thread grows so quickly!!).

    Definitely having a rest day today - am kind of following the beginners schedule off thie site.

    Regarding back pain - a subject I am fully versed on! I have done both Pilates and yoga. I think for your core strength Pilates is probably the better - it's all that 'zip up and hold' - you'll find out what that is!

    For a while I went to a very exclusive and expensive tutor - couldn't afford to keep going LOL! But she also had 'reformers'. They look like 'the rack' (!) but they are actually really good.

    So although the floor exercises are still good - if you can find someone who has a studio with these babies, you will be well on your way to amazing core strength!

    Crieky I am waffling - sorry - must go and do some work!
  • Bloomin 'eck Jules...that's not waffle!!!

    I did the beginners schedule from here too. And I love my Pilates...I go to a class at the gym.
  • Ice QueenIce Queen ✭✭✭
    Mornin' all,

    Hope you're somewhere less hot & stuffy than me ;-) I'm not gonna go running again until Thrusday when the weather breaks, I shall go to aerobics tomorrow (in a nice air conditioned room instead).

    overthehill - I've got a race for the list - I'm doing the Swansea Bay 10k on Sept 24th.
    I may or may not do the Swansea Bay 5k race #3 on Aug 11th, and I'm still considering the Cardiff Half Marathon(!) on Oct 15th, but I'm undecided so far so please don't put those down!

    Really torn over the half marathon - I decided I wanted to do it in a moment of madness when I had a really good week training (before it got this hot!)... Still, I don't need to make a decision for another few weeks...

    Stay cool people!
  • Yer on the list Ice Queen :-) Will bring forward later today again.

    All good stuff there Jules .. you're not waffling. This is what the thread is all about :-)
  • I'm Rob and I'm 36 and live in West Yorkshire.

    My weight has gone up and down most of my adult life. If I'm exercising its between 12st and 13st and when I'm not it creeps steadilly up peaking at 15st 12 last January.

    I decided enough was enough, joined weight watchers on line and went to the gym 3/4 times a week and have got down to 12st 12lb.

    Running was something I hated at school - I was a very good sprinter but anything over 800m was detested. I tried running a year or so back but got terrible pain in my shins. A year later after weight loss and lots of stretching I started again and have been pain free since. Generally.

    Started in late May and joined a running club in early June. Now try to run 3 times a week - 2 with the club and one alone/race.

    Done two races - a 5k Run for Moore and a 10 mile this last Sunday. I was pretty near the back in the latter but Im thrilled I did it.

    Signed up for 2 more so far: Cancer Research 10k at Harewood House on 17/09 and the Great Cumbrian Run (half marathon) on 15/10.

    Races seem a great way to keep focussed and a nice sense of achievement. Now considering 3 more before the beginning of October and another two after that.

    Of out tonight to try and get rid of the last aches from Sunday!
  • Wow Hot Feet Jules - just looked at those rack things for pilates - looks like something out of the Middle Ages!! Maybe I should try and get in a class with my husband - he has always suffered from a bad back and I'm sure it would help!
  • Hello everyone, hope you don't mind me joining in - I cannot believe how quickly this thread grows! I'm 44, living in Boston (lincs) and did my first R4L in June in Peterborough. Got the bug and have signed up for the GER in October but am now beginning to think I got too ambitious too quickly. Can't wait for the weather to drop a few degrees so that the plodding becomes more comfortable.
  • Excellent going Rob ... already doing 10 miles after such a very short period of time. I'm not surprised you were thrilled - I admire your determination. I'll add your races to the list :-)
  • Hi Minardi ... welcome to the thread :-) How are you doing at the moment? What is your running milage? Are you following a schedule for the GER? Sorry, too many questions!! LOL Anyway, there will be folks on here who can help you.

    Last qn: Shall I add you to the race list?
  • Hi all..

    I was bored at work, so I came up with this...

    This is just to illustrate roughly whats possible, and my design work is rubbish.

    They also do a range of mugs etc, cards an calendars.

    The shop is not listed, and no search engines can find it, so the only way to it is via the above link.
  • it !!

    The only trouble for me is that I like to run in wicking tops...are any of them wicking?
  • I think they are great Stu, many of you currently with races entered would look brill ... but imagine the scene ....

    OTH attempting her first 5min run/1min walk outdoor session. 16stone plus of fat wobbling along the open roads. Beetroot face. Sweat pouring off eyes, nose, mouth, chin etc. Collapses in a heap of sweating, puffing exhaustion. .... just then someone notices the 'Inspire' T-shirt. Hmmmmm ... don't think I'll have inspired anyone ROFL !!!!!!!

    Maybe I'll get one and hang it up where I can see it and dream of the day I can proudly where it at a race :-)
  • Em, thats my only problem too. Cafepress are not a sporting goods store, so its just cotton Im afraid. It illustrates my thoughts if nothing else!

    Better not to buy anything at the moment, as I havent really figured the shop out yet!

    There are suppliers that can custom print technical clothing of course, in fact I have a friend-of-a-friend that does it, but they usually need bulk(ish) orders :(

    Quality is probably good, as even the value shirt (not yet listed) is by Hanes, and they are decent. The ones on the page are by American Aparrel.
  • How wrong you are OTH!

    a) You would not collapse and b)it is inspiring when people who don't look the archetypal athlete are out and about working on their fitness levels.

    Sorry just can't let you get away with that one!
  • OMG. I just can't keep up. I'll be sacked at this rate... still then I'll have more time for running and posting.

    Stu - congratulations on your new car. When do you pick it up? We got a new car just before we went on holiday - but we had an incident in it yesterday morning on the way to work - so it's not new anymore :(

    Welcome, Beaker, Corinthian, Mij, Treiziste, IceQueen, and Minardi. And good luck with all the training and races you have planned.

    I like the idea of the t-shirts Stu, we will be able to spot each other at events - but agree with Em about wicking tops.

    Also, I think Dingus will be wearing his 'Make a Wish Foundation' shirt for the GNR, so he might need an INSPIRE head-band or hat.

    I also find the first half mile difficult though it was probably the first 3 miles last night. When I can get into my rythm it just feels natural to keep going. Sometimes its easier to get into that rythm than others. I haven't done a lot of hill training (at all) so find when I have to run a hill my rythm goes to pot. I tend to sink lower in my hips and use my hands like paddles to get to the top and then have a nice slow recovery on the downhills. I talk to myself too - don't want to let you lot down - must...keep...going...

    It's worth it in the end. What a sense of achievement!

    Pain is temporary --- Pride is EVERYTHING (that's one of my motto's to keep me going)
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