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  • Here here Misty! Come on OTH...lets hear about some of the positives. You may not feel like you've come very far, but this is a huge thing you're doing. A whole life-style change, you've lost weight, you're fitter, you're running, you will run further, and you'd look great in an INSPIRE T-Shirt.

    Does that sound like a ticking off? Wasn't meant too.
  • Hi Beaker

    Those reformers are amazing. You can do all sorts with them, but starting off you lie on your back, feet on the bar at the end and push off or use your arms depending which exercise you're doing, while maintaining a 'neutral position' in your lower back. But just by changing the position of your toes and feet on the bar works different areas of your muscles - it's weird and takes a bit of getting used to but you do feel it working! Most pilates classes are on the floor though....but like I say - those exercises still do the job!

    OTH - what is it with beetroot faces?! I just know that even when I get super fit ;0) I will still have a bright red face!
  • Welcome Minardi - nice that someone has been running for the same sort of time as me. I also did R4L in June but in MK. Definitely got the bug from that. I am hoping to enter the Woburn 10K in October but waiting to see how I get on in the 5K's first. I am definitely more focussed when I have a goal - keeps me training so must be a good thing!!
  • LOL Misty/Allie ... can't get away with anything can I? (thought you weren't around so could sneak it in!)

    Yes, Stu forgot to say congrats on new car! Have you found all the buttons etc yet? I'm still too scared to try and put my lights on on the bike 'cos I can't remember which handle their on and am worried I might hit the 'emergency engine off' button instead!!

    OK bringing list forward as it's changing so fast!!
  • Hey - I get a beetroot face too! Maybe we should have t-shirts with The Beetroot Club on!
  • Hotfeet ... we could always say it's so we stand out in the crowd ... easy to recognise in a race LOL
  • Hi Minardi

    I did the R4L in Boston last sunday! (Walked it though due to knee issue). I'm in Cambs - was too late signing up for the Stamford R4l - that's my usual!
  • LOL Beaker!!!
  • Now I have finished lecturing OTH I want to say a big WELCOME to all the new posters! Sounds like you are all very determined to overcome whatever you have to in order to be able to run.

    Allie-That was a great race last night and thankyou for taking the time out to encourage me.

    Dingus-Thanks, that really did feel like quite a milestone acheivement for me but I do find it very hard to remember to go slowly.

    UKY Congratulations on your distance this morning. I was in the garden at 6am and it was a divine morning, was wishing I had not run last night so that I could go again!

    Beaker-I always spend the first 10 minutes walking and doing 1 minute runs very slowly, it seems to really wake my legs up and then I find the running easier. My route is uphill on a rough track so I pass stones and twigs as little goals along the way. In my most sad moments i pretend I am racing and they are other runners I am passing!

    A friend of mine has just started getting these AF attacks, good luck to all of you coping with this.

    Em- ((hugs)) regarding Mart and thank you for the welcome back.

    This is getting too long so i had better submit before the entire conversation has moved on!
  • LOL. Our logo could be a little beetroot man with running shoes.
  • INSPIRE Running Club - Race Details

    Mike – Trentham 10mile – 23rd July
    Beaker – Chicks Chase, MK – 5k – 27th July
    Happy – 26th Wedding Day Race, Bushy Park – 7k – 28th July
    Daniel - Plymouth Aquathon, 500m sea swim, 5k run – 19th Aug
    Dingus, Peterhead - Peterhead 10k - 27th Aug.
    LE & Hubby – Overton – 5 mile – 2nd Sept
    Hotfeet – Women’s Hydroactive Challenge, Hyde Park – 5K – 3rd Sept
    Allien - Jelly Tea Run - 10 miles - 10th Sept
    Mike H - Lichfield 10K - 10th Sept
    Em, Forest Of Dean - Badminton 10k - 17th Sept
    Siân & Mykey – Neath Port Talbot Cancer Challenge – 5k – 17th Sept
    Uk Yankee Singleton, Kent - Faversham 10k -17th Sept
    Rob (Treiziste) – Cancer Research race – 10k – 17th Sept
    Ice Queen – Swansea Bay – 10k – 24th Sept
    Dingus, Peterhead – GNR - 13.1 miles - 1st Oct
    Corinthian – GNR – 13.1miles – 1st Oct
    Rob – Great Cumbrian Run – 13.1 miles – 15th Oct
    LE – GSR - 10miles - 22nd Oct
    Happy – New York Marathon – 26.2miles – 5th Nov
    INSPIRE Ladies – Dingus’ 5K Kilt run, TBA

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    A ‘must’ for all newbies to the thread – lots of inspiration – Pages 1 and 2
    Corinthian – another inspiring story – Page 4

    Take a look at our old thread for more inspiration ….

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    DingusOTHEmandbelleMykeyPlodfatherUK YankeeDaniel’s PhotosLE’s PhotosAllien’s Photos

    I'm sure I poste this but it didn't come up!!!!
  • Glad I'm not the only one!

    I got my friend into running, she started a few weeks after me - not once - say again - not once have I seen a patch of red on her face....I hate her....

    (well of course I don't really, but it's not fair!)
  • There, knew that would happen! Better go back and try to catch up (again!) now.
  • You mean you guys actually look in a mirror after running! Must confess I have never done this, could be dark purple for all i know!
  • Allie said..

    "Also, I think Dingus will be wearing his 'Make a Wish Foundation' shirt for the GNR, so he might need an INSPIRE head-band or hat."

    Stu says...

    Caps are now created. Would like to do a propper runners beanie, but sadly only baseball caps are available.
  • Ah, Misty - ROFLMHO. I promise the 20 people that finished behind me yesterday were real people.
  • Misty - it's usually when I've gone in the bathroom for the post run wee!
  • Quick work Stu.
  • This club strip lark has got me quite interested. Anyone else got any designs or ideas?

    Once of my graphic designer colleagues owes me a favour, so he might be able to suggest, time permitting.
  • This 'club strip' lark has got me quite interested. Anyone else got any designs or ideas?

    Once of my graphic designer colleagues owes me a favour, so he might be able to suggest, time permitting.
  • Oops, double posted. The second post with the single quotes around club strip is correct, as I was trying to be toungue-in-cheek.
    What about this link for a logo pic?? Only joking!!
  • This happens everytime you know....

    I did a run last night and I promised myself I would rest today. But now, with all the chat going on here I really feel like going again tonight!! I might have to ban myself from reading the thread on non-running days ... maybe that'll cure me. Mind you, I'd never catch up on everything again :-)
  • PSML Beaker - yep that's me!
  • Jules-This is where I benefit from a really tall hubby, he has the mirror set so high i have to stand on tiptoe to see in it!
  • Jules - know what you mean. Used to play netball every week - I ALWAYS had the reddest fact when we finished. Still - I like to think its cos I worked the hardest!!
  • Allie, LOVE the beetroot-man-logo idea!!

    OTH, havent picked car up yet, but will spend time fiddling with it ASAP!
  • Oops sorry - reddest face not fact! Typing too quick now supposed to be WORKING!!
  • LOL Allie, I am sure they were!
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