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  • OTH You could go for a walk instead?
    Not trying to get rid of you of course! This is what I do though when I have the urge to run before i should.
  • Stu Great to get a new car, we have two that are falling to bits and seem to cost a fortune when within sniffing distance of a garage. Have fun enjoying all it's new features.
  • or shopping OTH...or weights...or pickin your nose...please don't just must enjoy being told off methinks???

    Love the beetroot. if it were on a wicking top, and plenty baggy enough, I would definately run in that!!!

    Club Strip???...wrong sort of forum Stu? strip...kit...I geddit. :-)
  • Thanks for the welcome runners :-)

    I think the 'T shirts' is great idea.

    Overthehill and Emenbelle the AF started as a couple of minutes of butterflies in the chest post race (usually between 2AM and 4AM in the morning but over time has gradually got worse to the point that it does occur during runs.

    I've spoken to quite a few cardiologists and all of them have encouraged me to keep the running up.

    At the moment I'm wearing a 24 hour ECG tape and will be meeting with the cardiologist within the next couple of weeks to discuss the op..

    I must stress that only a minority of people get worsening of this condition so please try not to worry those of you who are experiencing symptoms, the odds are in your favour.

    I took the last half hour out to read the other stories at the begining of the thread very inspiring and a shining example of the triumph of human spirit over adversity.

    Thank you, all of you.
  • Corinthian. Are you near me? I live Prudhoe.
  • We are very glad you have come to join us Corinthian, please continue to let us know how you get on.

    I agree with you about the stories, I think I will probably read them several times to fully take them all in.
  • I cannot believe this thread - I disappeared for lunch and came back to millions of posts to catch up with! Must go on speed reading course :-) Thanks for the welcomes and yes pls OTH to add me to the race list (will make it harder to back out of). My running has stopped for a few days as I have a helluva cold - I thought this running lark was supposed to keep me healthy! Can usually manage 4 miles non-stop, did just over 6 miles one day but that was pure fluke, average about 11 min miles - slow but I seem unable to go any faster
  • s'OK Em ... definitely being good this week - will be using the exercise bike later tonight. :-)

    In fact, I've just told work I'm taking rest of day off and I'm gonna go have a nice relaxing bath, something to eat and 'chill out' for a bit. Might take the (motor)bike out later.
  • Em I think I will continue to stick with the walk! No shops here.......
  • Minardi .. excellent ... can you tell me exact date and length of run plse ?

    11min miles is NOT slow. It is very good! Maybe if you do slow down a little you'll manage to work up longer runs. Not going to try to give any more advice ... I'll leave it to those on here with experience :-)
  • Minardi this is the mile a minute thread! Your running sounds good and fast to me! I have discovered to my surprise that taking a rest week does no harm at all, seem to come back stronger. Hope the cold shifts away soon for you.
  • LOL ... if this thread carries on at this pace we are going to have to enforce 'lunch breaks' where no posting is allowed so we can all catch up !!!!
  • Seaton Sluice Allien... which at the momement is refreshingly cool
  • Funny you should say, that I am off to get some lunch right now!
  • Minardi - you're about the same level as me - time and distance-wise. I'm trying to get to 10 miles by September.

    OTH - enjoy your well earned break and the exercise bike tonight.

    Misty enjoy your walk.

    I must do some work this afternoon but I'll catch up with you all a bit later.
  • OK ... I'm off for a while. Can you email me direct Minardi with length of race and actual date etc so I don't miss the post. Thanks, OTH
  • Hello all. I'd like to join your thread if I may?! Pleeeease?!

    Not really much to tell about me, but I'll try and make myself sound a little interesting...

    My name is Lisa, I am 29, married with one black lab and we live in Kent.

    I've had 4 knee operations in 6 years, the last one being my left knee when I damaged my patella tendon crawling along a limo bench seat in Las Vegas and kneeling on a bolt. This is the only one that plays up when I'm 'running'.

    I joined WeightWatchers in January of this year and had a little bit of success and lost a stone in just under 4 months. Then I went on holiday for a week and have managed to put most of it back on again.

    I moved jobs in May and lost my subsidised gym membership so decided to take up running primarily to train for a 10K with my friend at Leeds Castle in October. Since doing the 5K training program, I am now up to running for 8 mins and even dragged my carcass out of bed at 6am this morning and did 3.9k in 25 minutes (include 2 2min walk breaks).

    My husband has also started the beginners program and somehow I have managed to inspire my mum to get up and get out and get on with it too.

    I'm doing the Hydro Womens Challenge in Hyde Park on 3 September, RunLondon 10K in October, and the Leeds Castle 10K the week after that.

    In the last week I've run about 15K, but still didn't manage to lose any weight for my weigh-in today. Ho hum. I suppose its all down to being good in between times!!

    So, hello all!!

  • hello! that wasn't a boring story...did you see mine?

    good running...and great plans...OTH will be busy again with her list!!! I have my first 10k planned for September. is your Leeds Castle a Cancer research Event?
  • Hi Lisa, Welcome!

    I love black labs by the way!

    You have done so well with your running in spite of the knee problems, I am really impressed. A busy race schedule ahead too.

    Good on you for inspiring your husband and your mum to get running.
  • Em said...

    "Club Strip???...wrong sort of forum Stu? strip...kit...I geddit. :-)"

    Oops, now Im blushing like a beetroot! Honest mistake, Im too innocent to know otherwise!
  • eek ....... I was looking at this thread with the view to posting a bit about me etc but when i last looked there were 26 posts now there are 170!!! Am I too late to join? I've just not had chance to read back although i did read all the initial posts. Shall I still tell you about me or is it too late? soryy just had no time to do it sooner and my computer has been down all morning I've had to ring the technical support people at a cost of a million pounds per minute!!
  • hey all, wow more people! this is great, we could host our own race with this many people!!, i think the club t's would be great, but wicking fabric ones would be imense!. hello to everyone new!
  • Just popped back after my bath ... have to get in quick to say emmilou .. it is never too late to join this thread - which is why we started it up from scratch again so all newcomers will feel they can come in whenever they want .. so ...

    Bourne and Emmilou ... welcome :-)

    Bourne can you give me dates for your last 2 runs .. I'm such a novice I've no idea what dates runs are etc. cheers. Well done for inspiring your mum and husband too. As Misty says, great running!
  • Emmilou - welcome - please post your story it is always good to read everyone's background! I know what you mean I am at work - keep checking back to this thread and there are suddenly another 20 messages - oh my God! Can't keep up!
  • gosh Emilou...your technical support guys are even more than mine (and I'm married to him!)

    Never too late to join us...that's why we shifted to here. :-)

    Stu??? Yeah right!!! Beetroots all 'round then. It's decided!
  • I knew I was charging too little for my services (I work freelance in Tech Support) !!!
  • Hey Bourne I'm doing the hydroactive too!!

    I am doing it with (ooh that sounds dodgy!)a group of forces wives/girlfriends, we did it last year for the first time(walked) we raise money for forces related charities.

    This year I am going to run.... :0)

    It is soooo hot, I am supposed to be doing college work (could be worse, could be at work - oh so sorry you guys!) but there is no air!!
  • Thanks for the welcome :-)).

    OTH, the date for RunLondon is 8 October, and Leeds Castle is 15 October (yes, I know, two in a row....).

    Emandbelle, yes, Leeds Castle is a Cancer Research event. I got my pack through the other day and after reading it felt a little nervous that there are some 'long steep hills'. I think we're going to try and do a training run around that area nearer the time.
  • I'd like to say hello to everyone new who has joined - its great to hear everyone has to overcome something to run , folk who don't run go "its only running " or "huh its only a few miles" 0r ""6 mile (10K) thats not much not like its a marathon !"" that last one from a chain smoking overweight person.!!

    Few non runners realise the effort that goes into running just a mile - strangely its the one activity everyone "thinks"" is easy till they actually try. But with steady training and commitment it can be rewarding and a great feeling can be had from running 5K or 10K races - you become part of an almost ""elite"" few who can run distances.

    The key is to get FIT to RUN not the other way around. Cycling , swimming , a basic gym memebership - ot better still try a free months gym memebership to kick start fitness ready to begin a running programme. Look up on the net basic abs excercises too as weak stomach and lower back muscles can contribiute to much of running related problems.

    I'd like to add to that entering 5K & 10K races is great fun , a great way to meet people and taking part is half the fun - nobodyt cares how slow you may be unless you are the elite top 3 in the race.

    My motto? apart from sitting on my tush doing nothing at work - Go For It
  • hello again!! thanks!
    My name is Emma or emmilou as hubbie has always called me - probably among other things! we've been together 12 years and married for 8. I'm 34 and we have 3 children (7, 6 and 3and half! two boys and a demon daughter!! If only I'd known I'd have had a football team of boys!) We have had a difficult few years as our middle child (L) has profound learning difficulties. He has Fragile X syndrome and is on the 'severe' end of the spectrum he is mobile but he doesn't talk, and needs help in every area he is in nappies still and worst of all doesn't sleep!! He takes drugs for this but they don't always work and behaviour can be affected although he is a very gentle boy and harms himself as oppose to others.

    i'm not sure why I'm rambling on about this but I feel it may help paint a picture. I was never a runner at school far too much like hard work! But after our 3rd and final child i needed me time this came and went in fits and starts in the form of running but I was always just too bloody knackered!!

    Things have now steadied somewhat although still fraught but that time out there pounding is essential for me just to feel alive sometimes.

    I started running 'properly' at easter and prior to this I became a fitness instructor. I teach Body pump classes and circuit training. I started to plod about 3 miles and built this up over time. I now run 12 miles as my longest run and do about 40 miles per week. i entered my first 10k 2 weeks ago and finished in 49 minutes but then the bug really hit me!!

    I am joining a running club, tomorrow, in fact and have my first run out with them but.........I'm moving into fell running!! Yes I am slightly mad! I'll let you know how it goes though but am very excited!!
    I have already entered for the yorkshireman in september - the half not the full mara! so am in training mode at the moment.
    I only started posting and foruming a couple of weeks ago and yes did look at your old thread a few times just lurking and although a lot of very friendly chat was going on i did feel joining in difficult - this is a great idea to start over and lots of people have obviously thought the same - thankyou!
    Ems x
    Thanks for taking time to read all this and
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